aka ........I know where you live......O.O

  • I live in Stalker......
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is None, cept the unforgiving middle school life.
  • I am FEMALE!!!
  • *~Dancing~Poison~*

    Well I'm new to this blog stuff but anyway.

    How to be creepy? Good question.

    Well first off;

    Be weird it helps, give creepy smiles once and a while. Remember that creepy isn't bad its fun if you know how to do it correctly. On my part I have been creepy just by being me......because I have weird moments when I go a bit insane I lose myself for 5 seconds without realising it.

    Second; and watch scary stuff. Learn from that. Make yourself feel like either the victim or criminal. Act out your favorite scenes. Then apply it to different situations and find out which situation it fits best.

    Third (Your still reading this crap?);

    DON'T TAKE MY ADVICE ARE YOU NUTS!?!? I'm not old enough to give out advice! I'm in 8th grade! I'm a teen! Why ar…

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