The Rise and Fall of SOMEGUY and the Sexy Pink Velvet Fetusez.

In Creepypasta Chat a certain number of fame and money fueled users have gathered together to make a new Hair Metal band called SOMEGUY and the Sexy Pink Velvet Fetusez.

The members:

Fatal Disease - Singer

FriendlyJim - Manager/lyric writer

VampiresWillNeverHurtYou - Bass player

CynicalCresil - Drummer/hair fanner

SOMEGUY123 - Guitarist

Crossfire2 - Merchandise creator/Hair owner

5afety scissor5 - edgy frontman

Child Of Mantra - Cowbell.


1. SOMEGUY and the Sexy Pink Velvet Fetusez

2. Virgin Fetuses

3. The Fetus Strikes Back

4. Viginaboob Love

5. Ren Foek's Assbutt

6. We Were Too High to Think of a Title (Compilation of songs off the other albums)

7. Kingdom of Assland

8. Back to the Satanist

We will rise to fame shortly after our debut album, we also sell out in an instant. We ruin our reputation by slaughtering the underaged at our own shows, and a  sex tape of us having an orgy with cats will be leaked online. 5afety scissor5 dies in a car crash due to having sex with underaged girls while driving. Vampires OD's after we break up. Cynical falls down the stairs after buying a Life Alert. The rest of the members make it throught their lives making unreleased solo flute albums and the money from the fans who bought SATSPVF's albums, if anyone actually did buy them. 

20 years later, the rest of the members died of taking a flesh eating drug called Krokodil on the set of VH1's "Behind the Music".

The band in their heyday.

5afety scissor5 and Child Of Mantra not pictured due to them being to hungover from their Underaged Groupie Party.