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How'd you find out about this place?

This site is special. And I want to know how others came to find this place. So, I'll just ask, how did you discover this wiki?

Back in early summer 2012, I was playing GTA: Vice City, and my sister comes into my room and says "Hey, look at this story I found on this website. It's about your game". So I went with her into her room where she showed me this video game pasta about GTA 3 about some trick to discover a hidden deformed pedestrian (it's long since been deleted). I found that extremely interesting. I went back into my room to try the trick. It didn't work.

I was really intrigued by this site. It was back when the background was black, and the logo and font bright orange. I read Squidward's Suicide all alone later that night. The picture scared me and the pasta was amazing. I was also creeped out by the pictures for Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog. I at first was creeped out by Jeff the Killer (Don't worry, I'm smarter now), and I found out about Smile Dog on the Wikipedia page for Internet phenomenon (It's also long since been edited). I immediatley regretted looking the pasta up on here. Apparently it must've had many variations of the dog on it, and I was scared away by one picture whose caption claimed was the genuine one. Smile Dog ruined my life. But I'm not scared by the pasta at all anymore.

I must've put this place in the back of my head, because after the summer of reading more stories like Suicidemouse.avi, Dead Bart, etc. etc. I stopped coming here and starting focusing on other things in my life. Then in March 2013, me and my brother came up with a funny idea, and he created an account and starting contributing (spamming) said idea to this wiki. He was blocked and that idea now resides on the Trollpasta Wiki.

Then a while later on May 25, 2013 I joined the wiki. I became addicted to chat, and used it once in June and a few times in August, but one really fun night in mid-September sealed the deal for me. I became a regular here. I need to edit more.

The differences between 2012 me and present day me are literally night and day.

So, what's your story?

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