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aka Florence von Herrman III

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October 7, 2013
  • I live in Planet Earth hidden in the woods the USA
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is A Plague Doctor

Why, Claudia? Why THIS?!
—Till Fuhrmann (character in my book series) in his final stage before death.


Hi, I'm not anyone important. I study Medieval Eurpoe.

To begin, I created a Creepypasta known as "Super Hexagon." It was deleted for many reasons. Now, I'm not gonna be like "Why did you delete my Creepypasta?!?!", I'm just gonna keep it cool and say, I'm glad it was deleted. I forgot to put OC on it, I had paragraph issues, etc. I wasn't in such as high of a grade as I was back then. I was in like 8th grade when it was made. Now, I'm in 10th, and in much better shape. I know how to write, that is. I also wanted to make the worst creepypasta created, and I feel like I succeeded. I'm gonna try to make a new one on my Google Docs. I'll revise it there, and when you guys/gals think it's in a good enough stage, I'll rewrite it here, and edit the only parts I think are shit, maybe even remove them.

Here is the link: Not gotten yet.


There are times that can be hard. Don't let those times stop you from letting you be - you!

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