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May 16, 2011
  • I live in the Wired
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is to sell meth and meth accessories.
  • I am bot, just kidding.

Welcome, <insert name here>

Creepypasta Remix

"Well shit." -Me

I love Creepypasta. That why I came to this wiki. It's been over two years since when I first joined. Since then, I work hard to deliver quality content for all visitors and users. I expect everybody to do their part. I'm a strict admin and punish unlawful users harshly.

I'll write more pastas when the time comes, until then I will review and fix creepypastas. I hope one day I'll find a real lost episode and tell about it.

I will ban trolls to the fullest extent.

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So yeah, this is basically what you need to know about me. I won't put any more info about myself for privacy reasons. Contact info, and extra info are below.

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What I do when you don't when you don't proofread your pastas.
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If You Were Banned by Me and Wish for a Appeal

Send me a email and convince me why you should be unblocked. I might shorten or appeal the ban.

Any rage filled or badly written ban appeals will be DENIED. I will only accept ban appeals through email only. So don't try send me a ban appeal though other contacts.

NOTE: Make sure you include your username, I can't unblock you if I don't know who you are.

All ban appeals and wiki-related mail are archived.

If You Want to Contact Me

Email: (ONLY use this contact for ban appeals, questions, or to solve disputes)

Skype: sloshedtrain. Mostly always on.

XBL: SloshedTrain. Occasionally use it.

PSN: sloshedtrain2. Never use it much.

DeviantArt: Sloshedtrain [1] Where I upload my graphic design work (mostly for the lulz).

Tumblr: sloshedtrainz [2] Constantly active.

Steam: Sloshedtrain [3] Constantly in use, but set to offline for personal use.

My train business.
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Some of my work.
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My Pastas:

1. The Glitch (Uploaded in 5-16-2011) Wasn't creepy enough.

2. The Old TV (Uploaded in 7-17-2011) About a haunted TV.

3. A Halloween to Remember (Uploaded in 10-31-2011) A short pasta but had a lot of typos when I first uploaded it.

4. My Bike (Uploaded in 12-27-2011) What I consider the worst pasta I wrote. Cliché ritten and a unoriginal plot.

5. A Halloween to Regret (Uploaded in 10-31-2012) A sequel to "A Halloween to Remember" I feel more confident in this pasta since I had more time to think it out.


6. Sandstorm (Uploaded in 7/7/2013) The longest pasta that I have ever wrote. Completed.

Call to Orders!

Administrator Sloshedtrain has been caught cleaning up the orphaned pages without any provocation on the date 13 March 2012 and for doing so he has brought honor upon this wiki, and provides an excellent example to new users through fellow admins. I hereby present him with the Orphan Annie medal, which I totally just made up but who cares, we need more people to do things of this nature.


XanCrews, Colonel, Creepypasta Wiki

Orphan medal

Why thank you, you kind sir. Sloshedtrain

Writers Block? Try Seeing These Videos to Get Back Your Creativity!

Don't Hug me I'm Scared(03:25)
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Follow the Sun - Intermission Video(03:54)
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McRoll'd 2(02:21)
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CVGM 11 - Jesus Loves Me - The Binding Of Isaac(02:39)
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Teddy Has An Operation(02:49)
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Monster's Inc, (Fan Film) ~IF I DIDN'T HAVE YOU~(01:18)
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I'm THE Doctor(00:45)
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【初音ミク】 細菌汚染 - Bacterial Contamination - 【3DPV】-0(03:57)
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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME(03:42)
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