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May 16, 2011
  • I live in the Wired
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is to sell meth and meth accessories.
  • I am bot, just kidding.


Sloshedtrain is an administrator on this wiki.

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I love Creepypasta. That why I came to this wiki. It's been over three years since when I first joined. Since then, I work hard to deliver quality content for all visitors and users. I expect everybody to do their part. I'm a strict admin and punish unlawful users harshly.

I'll write more pastas when the time comes, until then I will review and fix creepypastas. I hope one day I'll find a real lost episode and tell about it.


So yeah, this is basically what you need to know about me. I won't put any more info about myself for privacy reasons. Contact info, and extra info are below.

Also, whoever vandalizes this page will be permanently banned. You should know better users of Wikia.

Tumblr m63xmsJttf1qg8am1o1 250

What I do when you don't proofread your pastas.


My Activity Guidelines

I have a busy schedule nowadays. I'm mostly off the wiki during weekdays (for obvious reasons), so I'll try to edit and help users when I can. Weekends I tend to be more active, so if you need help on some site questions, ban appeals, or pastas that need reviewing, this is the best time to do so. I don't have a set work schedule since it's "edit when I can" arrangement, and I don't tend to change that anytime sooner.

If You Were Banned by Me and Wish for an Appeal

Send me a email and convince me why you should be unblocked. I might shorten or appeal the ban.

Any rage filled or badly written ban appeals will be DENIED. I will only accept ban appeals through email only. So don't try send me a ban appeal though other contacts.

NOTE: Make sure you include your username, I can't unblock you if I don't know who you are.

All ban appeals and wiki-related mail are archived.

If You Want to Contact Me

Email: (ONLY use this contact for ban appeals, questions, or to solve disputes)

Skype: sloshedtrain.
XBL: SloshedTrain.
PSN: sloshedtrain2.
DeviantArt: Sloshedtrain [1]
Tumblr: sloshedtrainz [2]
Steam: Sloshedtrain [3]

My Pastas:

1. The Glitch (Uploaded in 5-16-2011)
2. The Old TV (Uploaded in 7-17-2011)
3. A Halloween to Remember (Uploaded in 10-31-2011)
4. My Bike (Uploaded in 12-27-2011)
5. A Halloween to Regret (Uploaded in 10-31-2012)
6. Sandstorm (Uploaded in 7-7-2013)
7. Car Won't Start (Uploaded in 2-5-2015)
8. Draining (WIP)
9. Sandstorm Revision (WIP)

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