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There was an unlucky man, and his name was Stephen. He did many ignorant things - like causing crashes, bumping into people, and sometimes even causing harm to other people. Stephen was cursed. Well, people say he was.

When Stephen was younger, he aspired to be a sailor. He pictured himself riding boats and finding treasure, but it was the early 1900's and pirates didn't exist anymore. Stephen thought with his 'cursed' luck that his dream was impossible. His father always apprised him:

"There is not such thing as luck, lad. It all comes down to skill."

Stephen took in these words, but they never truly sank in. When Stephen was on the sidewalk, he stood on his head for the fun of it. Little to his knowledge, his hair caught in the gutter. Meanwhile, the building in front of where he was trapped burst into flames. Stuck and helpless, Stephen's scalp was caressed by fire before his father came swooping in to save him. Stephen blamed his bad luck.

The year was 1909, and Stephen was finally going to accomplish his dream.

"Stephen! You're the captain?" asked his father, "I never knew you'd get this far!"

"I know, but with my luck, it'll all go to the depths of hell..." replied Stephen.

"Don't be silly, lad!" said his father.

"The Titanic is unsinkable!"

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