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Before you read, here’s a little back story. I’ve been a fan of various video game reviewers and let’s players for a while now, one of my favorites, and what I found to have influenced this event, is the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), who reviews older games from before the 2000s. Being a 14-year-old, I couldn’t have experienced the games from that era, and therefore didn’t have the amazing childhood experiences many people nowadays have had. So, here we go.

I remember the first time I’d ever played on an NES. I had just gotten my appendix removed, and was in the hospital for 9 days straight. The hospital happened to have an entertainment room of which had a NES. I recall being mystified by the game being on a cartridge and the simplicity of the controller. The first game I played was Duck Hunt on the Duck Hunt and Mario combo cartridge.

After watching AVGN on the internet a bunch, I finally decided to check out a few games for the system. I knew my friend’s dad had an NES, and decided to ask him if I could borrow it from him. He told me of a second top-loader he had, but he said wasn’t sure if it even worked. He told me I could just have it, as well as a few games he already had extra cartridges for. These cartridges included both Legend of Zelda games, the Duck Hunt/Mario combo, Mega Man 1, and some blank cartridge he told me he thought was Super Mario Bros 3.

When I got home, I immediately plugged in the NES and plopped in that blank cartridge. When I turned on the console, there was some kind of static noise and a glitched title screen. I assumed it was the cartridge, and tried the infamous technique of blowing on it. I shoved it back in, and turned it on. Static noise and glitched screen. After trying many cleaning methods with the cartridge, I decided to try a different game; Mega Man. What happened? Static noise, and glitched screen.

Finally, I figured the console had something wrong with it. Though I am no mechanic, I started to disassemble it, seeing if there was any obvious imperfections with the internal structure. Upon opening it up, I found that there were many scratches and cracks on a few of the circuit boards, as well as a bunch of dirt which seemed to be a complete impossibility. So, I tried bringing it to a local mechanic known for his game repairing abilities. When I gave it to him, he analyzed it, and told me there was no possible way it could be fixed.

Though fixing it wasn’t an option, he offered to give me a fully functional top-loader NES for a nearly improbable price of 30 dollars. It seemed too good to be true, but I didn’t care. After he placed in several games to show me it worked fine, I gave him the 30 bucks, and returned home. I plugged it in, put the Mega Man cartridge in, and started it up. Finally, I’m playing Mega Man. While playing, my curiosity about the blank cartridge of which I assumed was Super Mario Bros 3 started to get the better of me.

I’d heard SMB3 was one of the best games on the NES, and wanted to play it for myself. So I took out Mega Man, and popped in the blank cartridge. Upon starting it up, the screen was completely black for a grand total of five minutes. Finally, a title screen came up. However, it wasn’t Super Mario Bros 3, but Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At first thought, I remembered the AVGN review of the game, and immediately wanted to turn it off. But soon, I thought again about his reviews, and decided to see if the game was really as bad as he said it was.

So, I hit start, and the game put me on level 1 as Jekyl. Everything was just as the Nerd had said, and before long, I was sick of it. I tried turning off the game, but for some reason, no matter how many times I flipped the power switch, nothing happened. So I unplugged it from the wall, and it shut right off. I suddenly understood why I got this console for such a steal price. So, I went to bed, and woke up the next day, wanting to give the game another try. This is where things got really strange.

It took five minutes of black screen before the game completely started up, but this time, the text on the title screen was different. It said “Underneath the Eye” instead of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." At this point, I had no idea what was happening, but assumed it was probably a limited edition cartridge which came with two games like the Duck Hunt/Mario cartridge. So I hit start. When it started up, to my surprise, it was Legend of Zelda 2. I was extremely confused, and couldn’t think of an explanation, but continued on. Instead of starting up in the castle, it started me in a random village.

The buildings were more modern and seemed like buildings you’d see in a small town today. I wandered about, and talked to people who had nothing important to say. I finally found a building that seemed time appropriate. I entered it, and found nothing but a chest. When I opened it, Link held up some kind of pearly blue eye with the message, “You have found an eye.” I hit A to get rid of the message, but when doing so, the screen went black. I reached for the reset button, but at that time, the screen faded back in.

On the screen was the message, “You are now underneath the eye.” with the sound of the Zelda theme song in the background. It was really distorted, and slightly faster than it normally would be. Quickly, I reached for my camera and took a picture of the screen. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of batteries right after I took the picture. Soon enough, the screen went black once more, and now the distorted theme song became slower and slower and more distorted, until it was nothing but static noise.

I was starting to get creeped out, and went to turn off the game. Suddenly, the screen changed. It was the start up screen for Zelda 2. I started to calm down, and continued on. I tried to hit start, but it was totally unresponsive. I soon went to the saves to see if that would fix the issue, but when I did so, the game froze. After 10 seconds or so, the game started up in the castle like normal, but there were blue eyes all over the place. Even the sleeping Zelda had a pair of bulging blue eyes in her sockets staring at the ceiling.

I then tried exiting the castle, but was met with nothing but a message telling me I “wasn’t allowed to leave." So I tried jumping around, throwing a few swords at the walls, and ducking over and over. When finally, I hit start and there were two extra options. One said “Leave”, and the other “Go.” I picked “Leave” and found myself in the town I was in before. I began talking to people, and only got the response “Sorry. I’m hiding from the eye." After a while of exploring the town, I came across the building I went in before. I opened the door, and the screen went black.

There was a sound of a high-pitched 8-bit note getting louder and louder. When the speakers got to a point of nearly exploding, the blue eye popped up, this time extremely large. By this point, I ran to turn off the game, but the switch wasn’t working. My heart was racing and I began to panic. I ran over to the wall and unplugged it violently. I took the cartridge out and put it in a box along with the console. I put the box in my family’s storage bin. A lot of times, I still see this eye when I look at dark areas, and have become very paranoid about potential contingencies of my own death. I wish I hadn’t become so curious, but at least I got rid of it before anything got to crazy, like many Creepypastas seem to go.

I no longer play NES games.

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