endless stairs

Beneath the darkness, far away from the light, in a hallway, far from sight.

There is a set of stairs, winding down, no sign of the bottom to be found. Very few have attempted to descend, the few who did never truly returned. It is a darkness that consumes the light, and is a terror that amplifies the night. The few that have gone walked down each step, climbing down for eternity into the depths of hell. But no fire, no such blazing inferno. The darkness continues on and on. Then they see it.

A face with no mouth to scream, and no nose to breathe. The closer they get, the more it sees. And that's when they flee. Either up or down, does not matter which direction. There is no escape to be found. Even running to the top of the many stairs, there is no escape. It followed the ones that went. Seeking escape, but they found only a wall with no door. Trapped, and sensing impending doom, their screams are never heard. It sliced their throats with long fingers. But if they chose down, they would be running on and on into darkness. Seeing things that should not be seen.

Faces most likely dead. Blood, and bodies of earlier victims. Each floor down seems to be worse. But maybe just maybe one of them reached the bottom still alive. Collapsing from exhaustion but not to unconsciousness. Then they see something else. A crying child. They call out to it, exhausted and afraid. It does not answer, but continues to cry. Then they approach it.

Afraid it's another monster, but still convinced that it is a weeping child. They kneel in front of the child, and lifts its face. It is a normal child, but crying tears of blood. Terror is filled in its eyes as it points to behind the one standing in front of it. They turn to see what is now behind them, only to turn face to face with the being with no mouth. There was no scream, only silence.

Then that person woke up, only to find it to be a nightmare. Finding themselves to be relieved to be in their own sunlit bedroom. They get out of bed and get dressed for the day. Then they go to open the door to what they thought was their apartment. Only to open the door to utter darkness. Paralyzed with confusion they do not move when the being with who once had no mouth, now with sharp teeth, lunges at the person with murderous intent.