Tyler stood on the damp, hard floor of the apartment in complete and utter fear. He knew that any moment, his death would occur, but he remained frozen in shock.

Tyler watched as the man slowly opened the door, letting a bit of light illuminate the dark room. The man walked inside and carefully closed the door.

“I’m sorry, but it is for the better,” the man said in a rather cheerful tone.

The man continued on. “You… well, I guess we, did some terrible things, and it is about time somebody punished you for it. I just can't let you do these things anymore. This time, I can't be sure that you'll change. I have to do this.”

Tyler watched the man come closer, instantly recognizing the scruffy beard and sharp green eyes.

“If I've timed this correctly, I should be able to kill you and still have plenty of my life to live.” The man laughed as Tyler watched the man look down on the floor and grab a clean, razor-edged knife off of the floor.

The man slowly drew out a knife from his pocket, making sure not to accidentally cut himself. The man looked at Tyler in the eye, and Tyler looked back at him.

“That is a bit odd. You look exactly the same as I do now. I guess you don’t age very fast, do you?” The man grinned a repulsive grin before slitting Tyler’s throat.

The man chuckled as he slowly wiped the blood off of his knife and tried to quietly slip it into his pocket. Instead, he dropped it down on the floor.

The man didn't care at all and congratulated himself on a job well done, vowing to never come into this room ever again.

He opened the door to the closet and put the dead carcass of himself in before noticing a pile of bodies inside.

His bodies.

He stopped in his tracks.

“If I vowed never to come back into this room… then why would I go back into this room to get murdered by myself?”

Tyler quickly closed the closet, eyes widening. Suddenly, Tyler knew why he looked exactly the same as the Tyler from the past and why the bodies were there.

The timing was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Tyler stood on the damp, hard floor of the apartment in complete and utter fear. Numb, Tyler watched as he saw himself slowly open the door, walk inside, and carefully close the door.

Written by AGrimAuxiliatrix1
Content is available under CC BY-SA