It is late at night. A staticky, noiseless camera is overlooking a woman in her bedroom. She is sitting on a chair in front of her computer. Her gaze is fixed intently on the screen, the light from the small monitor illuminating her face.

She quickly turns to her left. Something seems to have startled her. A gust of wind blows her hair and she falls numb on her chair.

Suddenly, she starts twitching. At first her head jerks a little to the left and her right hand makes arrhythmic movements. Then, her whole body starts convulsing, her chest pumping up and down, her arms stiff and her fingers stuck in uncomfortable angles. Her jaw drops and her eyes go wide. She is now violently shaking. Her back arches up and her neck suddenly breaks backwards, her head now hanging on the back of her chair. The twitching has stopped. Her body now squirms around like a worm, her arms and legs stiff in their place.

She falls down from her chair. Her jaw is locked in place and her eyes are bulging out of her sockets. Slowly she twists her body towards the door and crawls out of frame.

Written by MrDupin
Content is available under CC BY-SA