A few years ago, the corpse of a teenage girl was found lying on her bedroom floor. When the police came in to investigate, there was no apparent cause of death. The only markings to indicate any injury whatsoever was a series of digits, all 0's and 1's, carved onto her thigh, 010100110110100101101100011001010110111001100011011001010010000001111001011011110111010101 11001000100000011011010110100101101110011001000010000001100001011100110010000001111001011011110 11101010010000001110100011100100111100100100000011011100110111101110100001000000111010001101111 001000000110011001100001011011000110110000100000011010010110111001110100011011110010000001110100 0110100001100101001000000110000101100010011110010111001101110011. The wounds were deep but far from fatal, nothing that could lead to exsanguination. With no evidence to turn to, the local police force was forced to consider the girl's death a suicide by suffocation due to lack of any other leads or traces left.

Though eerie, reports by family and peers of the girl claim that this message couldn't possibly be relevant to her death.

"Alana was always a very happy girl, she had several friends and was very bubbly. Dark statements like the one carved into her leg are not anything that anyone would've thought to have even crossed her mind. She loved life, and I can not see with my mind's eye why Alana would commit suicide. Her death must have been a murder," her mother told reporters after the girl's death.

Since then, there have been seventy-eight similar deaths across the globe, with only one common factor. It couldn't have been location, age, gender, social status, or sexual orientation. The only common factor was an e-mail sent to the inbox of the victims exactly twenty-six minutes prior to their deaths. The email was always from the address Lucifer.waits.silently.384, mysteriously switching providers at the end of the address constantly. If providers are asked about a member by that name registering, they will pause for a few seconds before telling you that there is no one by that name. The email was always very nonthreatening but inquisitive. Each email had a different question relating to the exact date 4 years prior to the email being sent. But if you receive one of these emails, do not bother trying to answer. He can't be found anyway. At the bottom of the email is always the same message, which the victims had all carved onto their body.

No one knows exactly what happens once the email was received. Maybe you'll find out, and be number seventy-nine. But I ask one last request of you: set up a camera before you open your email. Write down a request for the person that finds your corpse to post it for the world to see. We must know what happens once the letter is read.