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This is the Journal of Vladimir Strobniski found in the Tunguska region of Siberia

June 19th 1908

I cant shake the feeling that the end of the world is near. I’ve had visions in my dreams of massive destruction and death. I just feel a general sense of unease about these visions they seem just too real.

June 20th 1908

More dreams last night I don’t know what to make of them. In the dream I woke up to a warm summer morning and it was bright, almost too bright. But I thought nothing of it just sat down and started to have breakfast when the heat started rise almost like a raging inferno and the sky arced with strange blue flames and I heard screams from every direction.

June 21st 1908

Tonight I dreamed of a forest of trees, only it was different the trees had no branches and were charred, as I wandered the forest It seemed to stretch for miles in every direction, I could distinctly smell the stench of burnt flesh and meat. and the landscape was devoid of any life.

I stumbled upon a village. And no-one was there well at least no-one alive. I cant help but shake the feeling as if my dreams lately are somehow all connected. Just not sure why yet.

June 22nd 1908

Had a different sort of dream last night but it still does not ease my mind. I had dreams of a mad man surrounded by pigeons and standing in front of a tower made of entirely lightning. He laughed for several minutes wildly. Then as he faced his tower tears started streaming down his face with what seemed to be remorse. It makes no sense but none of my dreams do.

June 23rd 1908

This night in my dream I saw a blue light above me it was a thing of beauty and fear at the same time, it seemed to linger over me for minutes just stayed there. Then it erupted into flames which shot out everywhere scorching everything in its path

June 24th 1908

Tonight I had dreams of a giant rock flying among the stars, it weaved past other rocks and then past the moon and fell down to earth falling with such force that the air seemed to explode around it. I should warn people about the impending danger, but I doubt that they will believe me. They will just call me mad and go along their way.

June 25th 1908

My dreams just wont stop and I feel as if they are a warning. I will warn people today I don’t care what they think, but before I get too far ahead.

Tonight my dream was that the ground suddenly burst from under me and threw me into the air with a violent force. Every tree was scorched as I was in the air I saw strange plumes of smoke rising in the air and choking everything

June 26th 1908

Tonight I had the weirdest dream of all, there were these creatures the kind of which I had never seen before in a capsule flying around when they suddenly they had a look of sheer terror on their face. Even though the faces were in no way human, I still recognized the fear. They panicked for several minutes then, boom, they were gone.

June 27th 1908

I think I may be starting to see a trend in my dreams but I cant be too sure about it. I’m just going to give up on warning people plus I was asked to apparently I’m disturbing the town folk. Well, anyway. The dream last night was of me walking in a place where the trees were onyx black and the ground made of glass, I saw a frog hopping along and was excited to see life, however the frog had 6 legs which made it revolting to even see.

June 28th 1908

Tonight’s dream was of a comet racing through the sky with fire following it’s path it races through space and approaches earth and passes through the air almost but never toughing the ground burning the ground in its wake. Honestly I’m starting to get used to these dreams I've come to expect the outlandish .

June 29th 1908

this was the most peaceful dream I had in a while, I saw a land that was once a lush and beautiful forest and in its stead was a marsh, life in some form has seemed to return to a once barren location. I think I’m finally at ease

End journal

On June 30 of 1908 at 9 am there was a massive explosion in the Tunguska region of Siberia, it was estimated to be 5-10 Megatons. The cause of the explosion is still unknown to this day, and there are several theories. As a note of interest it is well before the trinity nuclear test of July 16, 1945 which registered at 20 kilotons.

Eyewitnesses to the event describe seeing a large cylindrical shaped bright blue light that was almost too bright to look at slowly descending out of the sky for 10 minutes and then a massive explosion. The estimated deaths were 1000 people or more. Which considering the remoteness of the region is quite a bit.

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