We've all heard the ringing in our ears when there is no noise to fill the void. You know that ringing.

Experts tell us that it's just our brain making up noise because it can't comprehend the silence.

They don't know that there is more to silence that meets the ears.

Why don't you try this: turn off all your electronic devices, and lock them away for a little bit. You can hear the ringing. Now try it again, except turn out the lights this time. I hope you hear the ringing, because if you don't, no amount of running can save you.

The ringing is screams, cries, shrieking from creatures who can't step in this world. At least, not for long. They aren't just disembodied voices, either. They're the little things you see out of the corner of your eyes. That little flash of something you've never been able to explain, but never pay much mind to.

They can't stay long. But they can stay long enough to leave an imprint, a whisper, in your memory. You'll always remember the silence in your ears, because you'll always hear it. It'll always be there.

Just be glad you can hear it. Just be glad that tonight, when you lay down to sleep, and there isn't any noise, you hear the ringing.

As said before, they're screaming at you. They're telling you to run. You just can't hear them properly.

After all, silence is the loudest scream.