I heard an almost inaudible yell above me; I groaned and turned the TV up louder. “It seems that they've started up again,” I said to myself, as I grabbed my remote and turned up the TV once more, the voices growing even louder. Feeling annoyed, I went to the bathroom and grabbed the pills my doctor prescribed, Codeine I think it was, it was supposed to be used as a pain reliever, but he told me to take it whenever I started to hear voices.

I popped two of them in my mouth and sat back down in my chair. I regularly went to a psychologist to relieve stress and to clear my mind. One day I told him a little about the voices and he was kind enough to give me those pills. They worked wonders, I fell asleep and the voices ceased to be heard.

I awoke about four hours later to the voices louder than ever. Now I was downright pissed off. I got up, grabbed my machete and made my way to the attic. I unlocked the deadbolt on the door and walked in. They were still moaning and pleading for help. I brought my arm back preparing for a huge swing; I brought the entire force of the machete down on him. His head rolled off and rested on the arm of a little girl I had kidnapped just a month ago.

“And let this be a lesson to all of you, help will never come! So shut the fuck up! Or I’ll be back and kill all of you!”

The four other people shackled to the wall lay silent. I went back downstairs and made myself a sandwich.