Her soft cheek caressed my chest as I lay, watching the moonlight through the window. It seemed as any other night: I come home and fall in love with her all over again. An airplane flew past, creating a small flea on the face of the full moon. I looked over to her, and I noticed something different about her this time.

A bruise lay upon her arm that was wrapped around me. Lightly green and blue, it stared back as me as agitation built.

Who in this damned world would do this to her? I breathed heavily, she turned her body over, and I kept breathing. The covers of the bed had fallen off and barely hung under her delicate skin, flowing like a water fall around her back.

Her name was not of a flower like most around here. Her name was not after months, birds, or gems. She wasn’t an angel in disguise. She wasn’t common. She wasn’t even real; too good to be true.

Her name was Adrian. I was madly in love with her.

And there she lay next to me; I was bliss. I ignored the bruises and kissed her. As my lips touched her skin, her eyes opened, looking at me with those evergreen jewels. I had found something rare in her.

However, she stood up and walked to the window. Her back faced me as I reached for her, so far, so close. I followed her. I stared at her. I reached for her.

Just before my hand fell upon her shoulder, she turned around. Tears had painted her face with desperation.

“You hurt me…” she whispered to me. The words crashed against my ears like something was very very wrong.

I grew angry.

I saw nothing but black.

I hated her.

I hated me.

I saw nothing.

But black.

Her soft cheek caressed my chest as I held her in my arms, watching the moonlight through the window. I looked down at her, staring at those evergreen jewels. I had found something rare in her.

I loved her with everything I had.

She was everything I had.

She stared back at me. Without blinking. Without breathing. Without life.

I realized what I had done. Her beautiful body rested in my arms but not in peace.

I screamed. I yelled. I cried.

Little did I know, she was too good to be true.

Two bigger men came for me and pinned me with a needle.

Watching the moonlight through the window, I sit. 7 years ago I murdered Adrian. I had only one night of bliss with her.

Now I sit here every day reliving that perfect moment.

This large empty room padded with fluff taunts me. As I sit in this straight jacket, I remember a time…

A time when her soft cheek caressed my chest, watching the moonlight through the window.

- Written by Dream Hacked's beloved girlfriend, Paloma.