Although I never found out what I was allergic to, I knew I had allergies, and I knew I was constantly around it. I knew this because my tonsils were constantly huge. They were both about the size of a cherry, and even made it difficult to drink liquids. Even though all my friends, teachers, and my dad told me I had to get them removed, I didn't want to. Every one of them said you got ice cream, suckers, and ice pops afterwards but I didn't believe them. I thought it would be another fairy tale like Santa Claus or The Tooth Fairy.

I finally decided to get them removed and told my dad about it, he said he would call my doctor, Dr. Kalin, and get me scheduled on Friday.

It was Wednesday, and after listening to about 10 people talk about my tonsils being huge and struggling to swallow my dinner, I went to bed.

. . .

I woke up to a sore throat and dizziness. Something was off... three things actually. One, my throat was well sore, and felt lighter. Two, it was really cold. I mean, it was winter and my Mom had turned off heating, but it just felt, colder than usual. And, I felt like I had just taken 3 sleeping pills, and was really dizzy. I sat up, and looked around. I saw my bedroom window curtains seeming to float. I walked over, and noticed the window was open. I assumed the worst and turned on my bedroom lights. That's when I noticed it.

On my bedside desk, were three printed out photos. I took a look at them and gasped. The first photo was of me, sleeping, I looked a little drugged though. The second was of a guy in a mask, it looked like a neutral stage mask, except it only had two slits, and a hole in the middle of it. The man, or woman, I could not tell, was holding a needle, and scissors. The third photo made me gag a little. It looked like, shaved testicles. I immediately checked my pants. Nothing there... Then who's nuts were these?! Still feeling dizzy, I grabbed my iPhone 5 and walked into the bathroom. "Gotta check my tonsils, maybe they aren't so big..." I thought to myself. As I got in, I noticed the needle and scissors, along with the cabinet door for medicine and band-aids open. "Not the time to check those right now..." I turned on my phones built in flashlight, and opened my mouth. Nothing... I didn't see any tonsils. "WOO! They aren't enlarged anymore!" I shouted, but then felt the need for pee.

I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet, noticing the trash can was red. I looked in, and was glad I was near the toilet cause I puked in it later. Sitting there, at the bottom, were the shaved balls. At least, that's what I thought. Then I put two puzzle pieces together and got a match. They weren't shaved balls... These were my tonsils! I decided to investigate a little. I looked in the medicine cabinet which was for some reason open. I saw a bottle I never saw before. I flipped it so the label faced me. "Novocaine" I read. Then I got another puzzle piece match, I got a shot, from the needle, and ghetto surgery was performed on me. I went back into my room, and saw the open window. The man, entered through here... And my puzzle was complete, almost, it was still missing one piece. Who was the man?

After telling my Mom about what happened, she called the cops. They did some investigating, and found out the man was Dave Sanchez. He was a former associate of Dr. Kalin, and after getting fired for doing horrible during surgery, he broke looked into records for dates surgeries are supposed to happen. There were 2 other accounts of Sanchez breaking into homes and doing surgery, but more serious. An elderly man's lungs taken out, almost causing him to die, and a college girl's hand cut clean off due to infection. These were all in the same night. Sanchez was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and I hope I never see him again. Good news is, though, I can breathe easier, and eating hasn't been any better!