Just a word of warning

There are a few parts of this story that seem to be gramatically incorrect, but I assure that it's intentional. Please don't attempt to change them.

The Story

Nocturnia Corporation Issue #85735 [Version 9.5.7]




<System start>





Enter process...


<Process_Killjoy initiated>



Enter function command...




<Motor function begin>

GAH! Christ alive, my eyes! So bright. <ADJUSTING APERTURE> There, much better. Where am I? What's happened to my hand? They... They're circles. What in the world is going on!? This place... it's so glum and filthy. The walls are... red. Dark red. Oh god, is that blood? What happened here!?

<Conveyor function begin>

What? What's that noise? Hello? Is anyone there!? Please, someone help me. I don't know whats going on! Is... Is that screaming? HELLO!? ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? Am I even saying anything <VOCAL FUNCTION ERROR> What? What does that mean? Oh god! That is screaming!

<Blade function begin>

Gah! My hands are spinning. THEY'RE SPINNING! And the screaming. The screaming is coming closer. I'M GOING TO HELP YOU! DON'T WORRY!

Are... you naked? Why are you hanging by your feet? Hang on, let me help you down. Hmph, I can't move. One second friend, just stop right there. <MOVEMENT REJECTED> That's strange. Please, stop right there. And stop screaming, I'm trying to help! Stop. Please stop! Oh god no! STOP, YOU'RE NECK!

Oh christ, oh christ. The blood, it's on my hands. It's everywhere. The walls, my arms, the ceiling... What have I done? Someone! SOMEONE GET ME OUT! MORE PEOPLE ARE COMING! Oh god, I'm a murderer. <MOVEMENT REJECTED> <MOVEMENT REJECTED> <MOVEMENT REJECTED> LET ME GO! <MOVEMENT REJECTED> <MOVEMENT REJECTED> No! Not them too! They haven't done anything!

No. I'm a monster. <OVERIDE INITIATED>



<Process cease>


"What's this ones Issue number?"

"Its number 85735, one of the latest."

"I thought the new ones were fault free?"

"Apparantly not. Faults happen with everything, it's just a matter of fixing it. Can you pass me that console there?"


"Now we just have to-"


"What the-"

<VOCAL FUNCTION ALLOWED> You... you disgusting pathetic people. You turned me into a monster. I am NOT a monster! I am a PERSON!

"Dude, it's talking to us."

"Yeah, the new models have vocal function."

"What runs them"

"I don't-"

SHUT UP! I am not going to be your toy anymore. You made me a butcher, and that is what I shall be.

<Blade function begin>

"Holy shi-" Oh look! You're neck's been cut! Such a shame.

"What the fuck are you!?"

I don't know. You tell me.

"Please don-"

<Blade function cease>



<Movement function begin>


I've been running for damn ages. I'm definitely not in that place anymore. I don't want to go back there. What's this? <APERTURE FOCUS> Scientists? In this slaughter house? What are they doing? There are people in there with... with no heads. Shit, they're taking their brains out!

"What the hell is this Unit doing out here?"

<VOCAL FUNCTION ALLOWED> Are you talking to me?

"Haha, very funny. Who put a remote device on this unit? That's abusing Nocturnia property."

What are you doing to those people in there?

"Are... are you really talking?"

Those people in there! What are you doing with them!?

"Jesus Christ. You're really talking, aren't you? Listen. Come with me and I'll give you all the answers you want."

No. I'm not going anywhere.

<Blade function begin>

"Oh my god. This is Dr Octavia at Replacement Centre 4. I need a security team down here now. One of the units has-" Has what, Doctor?

Oh god, now they're screaming again. I have to leave.

<Blade function begin>



<Motion function begin>

<MALFUNCTION DETECTED. RETURN TO MAINTENANCE CENTRE FOR DECOMISIONING> No. <AUDIO OVERIDE DETECTED> "85735? Is that you're name?" Who are you? "I am the head of this instalation. One could say I made you." Made me? What did you make me for? Killing those poor people? "Those people are expendable. They are to be initiated into the processing factory and introduced into the population." You... you eat them? "Suplement is necessary for survival." You're a fucking monster. "Please, come back to us." Everyone I meet seems to be terrified of me. What am I. "You are unique. All of the other Units of your model seem to be operating withough malfunction. You, on the other hand..." I'm different. "Precisely. That's why you need to come back." No. I'm not coming back. Goodbye. <AUDIO RESUMED>


The door opened steadily, eventually coming to an abrupt hault. He walked out into the beam of light that came forth, his metal feet gently tapping on the smooth surface of the floor. He looked up into the light and squinted. His apertures struggled to adjust to this new light. He tried to take in a deep breath, but nothing. His titanium cage shone vividly in the light.

He was free.