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Have you ever heard the story of the Titanic?

Have you heard that it 'sank' because it 'hit an iceberg?'

Well, that's wrong! Here is the true story of the Titanic.

The breeze blew as the gigantic ship docked by. The ship read Titanic on it. Thousands of passengers came aboard the cruise.

"Honey, dear, I'll only be back in a week or so," said a woman. The woman was trimmed with golden blonde hair along with fabulous locks. "Yes, Celosia," said a man. The woman was revealed to be named Celosia. The man was handsome. He was a ladies' man. Any man that a woman was happy to be with.

Celosia jumped onto the cruise and waved at her husband. "Goodbye, Johnathan!" she smiled. The man was named Johnathan. As they both forbid their farewells, Celosia stared at the horizon at she was going to visit her sick aunt in the Caribbean. The only way to get there was by a cruise or a boat.

She stared as dusk fell in the soon-midnight sky. All the stars glittered beautifully. Celosia was only in her room putting on her make-up and jewelry as she was getting ready for a full-course dinner at the luxurious restaurant in the cruise.

The woman took a step down to the restaurant were she was seated by a classy-young man. Celosia literally fell for him, but she was already married. The man walked up to her, smiling. "Hello there," he greeted. Celosia smiled happily and greeted back. He introduced her to the table where Celosia sat and smiled.

The man introduced himself. "My name is Edward," he smiled. Celosia introduced herself too. Trimmed with good looks, the man had the most handsome face any woman had ever seen - he was more of a lady's man than Johnathan! He had posh-combed blonde hair with ocean blue eyes along a large smile.

At night, Celosia knew everything about Edward, and she went to her bedroom with him. There, they had made love and created feelings for each other. Celosia knew she was cheating, but she didn't think about that since she was spending the night with a handsome young fellow.

As days passed by, it was Thursday, 11 April. Celosia was asleep in her bed as she awoke with Edward in bed with her. Suddenly, the telephone ran. She awoke and answered it, only to hear her husband talking. "Yes, I am having a good time indeed," she laughed to Johnathan on the telephone. Edward awoke pretending to be asleep, as he heard the entire conversation. His head turned red, feeling outrageous.

When lunch came, Edward confronted Celosia about having a husband. He slapped her furiously. "How dare you! You betrayed me," he shouted. He ended their relationship, stomping out of the room. Suddenly, he warned her. "But know this - you will die very soon. You will," he very clearly said.

Edward got onto a telephone at the restaurant. A manly deep voice answered the phone. "Boss, have you got any axes left?" he said evilly.

On Friday, 12 April, Celosia was awoken from her slumber to hear her telephone ran. She tossed herself across the bed and answered it. "Hello?" she answered. Strangely, no one was there. Her door mysteriously opened and creaked, only to see a man dressed in black standing there, with a mask on. "Die," the black figure said. Celosia screamed and ran straight into the bathroom, breathing heavily...

The feminine body laid on the floor, dead.

The black figure stumbled across the captain at the front of the Titanic, feeling livid. He held a pick-axe, staring at the captain.

The captain fell on the floor, dead.

The mysterious figure broke the engine of the cruise and caused it to stop nearby an iceberg, which was clearly doing no harm. The ship started to fall into the ocean, facing down to the water. Everyone on the ship screamed and cried, as they all grabbed boats and swam away.

Feeling yet again livid, the figure raised his shotgun and killed many people on the boats and in the Titanic.

He stared at a young man holding his young toddler, both crying. "Please don't kill me - please! I beg of you!" the man begged. The figure stared and shot the toddler, making the man scream. He took another stare at the man, shooting him in the head.

A beautiful teenage attractive girl was lost on the ship, looking for her mother. "Mother! Please!" she screamed. As she got lost in a room, the black figure stood there, smiling evilly. He grabbed hold of her and raped her over and over, making her cry and yell. He grabbed a knife from his pocket and stabbed her five times, brutally murdering her and tossing her body off the cruise.

As everyone shrieked, the beautiful ship fell to its death. Sinking into the ocean, the black figure mysteriously disappeared.

A few days later, news broke out saying that the Titanic sank, killing thousands of people. A witness named Edward Jones reported to the news, saying how the Titanic crashed into an iceberg. As everyone believed him and couldn't find any evidence, they decided to leave it for years, leaving it as a lie to forbid the true secret of the Titanic.

When years passed by, a scientist genius figured out the true secret of the Titanic. As they wanted to report to the news about it, the same black figure that was shown on the Titanic appeared in person's room. "You will never tell anyone about the true secret of the Titanic!" warned the dark figure. He brutally murdered the person, leaving the secret forever uncovered.

Written by Froakie13
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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