An old man is seen in a house. A nice little house, with a nice painting, and good quality wood for the walls. A quite old house, almost as old as him.

The man was happy. After all, it was his birthday. 88 years old... what a strong fella.

He had a son, married with a nice woman. He couldn't be happier. They all went to his house and celebrated, as a normal family.

One week later, the man was living life, as life would expect you to live. Nice and calmly, doing his senior exercises.

Then, after a normal day, like all the other ones, he went to sleep.

This night though... He had a weird dream.

It simply was no normal dream. It was realistic. The old man was in a cold, huge corridor. He could feel the cold surface of the floor on his feet, he could feel the atmosphere... smashing him against the floor.

All the way up on the walls, there were clocks. All kinds off clocks. There were old clocks, such as gold pocket clocks on platforms, wood clocks, tower-like clocks, etcetera. Also, there were more recent clocks, such as plastic wall clocks, alarm clocks, digital clocks...

The old man had no idea it was a dream, after all, the dream was so realistic. He began walking down the corridor, when he noticed all the clocks had letters on them. Sometimes two, sometimes three letters, like capitals from a name. The man also noticed that the clocks were set on their alarms (yes, even the older ones had a sort of alarm), and the older ones were closer to going off than the new ones. A lot closer.

That let the old man worried. He began walking faster, wondering what the hell was happening. Until... he saw an old wood clock, a tower one to be exact. This one had the capitals H. J.

The old man's name was Herbert Janeson.

The alarm went off. He was worried, he turned to his back and.... oh.

The man faced what seemed to be like Death itself. The creature came closer to old man Herbert, and whispered...

With a cold, dead breath...

"Time to die..."

Old man Herbert was sleeping softly. Or so it seems...

Herbert Janeson died with a nice smile on his face. A smile so nice it creeped out his family. He died during sleep, he "calmly died", as many people says. Yeah, right.

As Death was holding the fake strings attached to the old man's face muscles, faking his happiness, it grinned as the soul of old man Herbert separated from his body.

Everyone has a time;

A time marked to die.

Written by CreepyKyle
Content is available under CC BY-SA