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I sit on a park bench next to an elderly man reading a newspaper.

The man turns to me and asks me if I have the time. I look down at my watch. 6:45 is read. 

I look up and tell him the time, but then I stop. 

He is not there.

I look at my watch again. This time, it reads 12:09. I think to myself, wasn't it just 6:45? I look back up to see a storm brewing in the dark night sky. Thunder claps and rain comes splashing down on my suit.

I am drenched in unpure water, looking up in the sky and see that it is plain day. I look back down at my watch. 

The time is now 13:78. That is not even physically possible for a watch to read that.

Now when I look up in the sky, the clouds mass overhead and begin warping and making strange forms. Soon, I am able to make out words. They read, "Now take my hand," for a few moments and turn back to their original form. 'Take my hand?' I wonder.

Suddenly, the elderly man is sitting beside me again. He whispers, "Take my hand..." in my ear. Unsure of what is going on, I grab onto his hand like I am shaking it.

Suddenly, the sky disappears. So does the surrounding environment. The man fades to black and I find myself plunging into a dark abyss. My ears sense a short cry of agony and pain, and I can faintly make out a face, mutilated and deformed face. It cries out, "Why did you do it?" and then I hit the ground hard.

I immediately wake up, seeing that I am sitting on a bench. I soon realize that it was just a dream.

I look beside me.

The elderly man is sitting next to me. He turns to me and asks me if I have the time. So I look at my watch.

6:45, is read.

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