• I ask because roughly a year and a half ago I tried to do so, but got a warning about vandalism. Can I actually edit existing stories, and if so, how do I do so safely?

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    • Yes you can, but you have to be careful on how you're editing them. 

      Responsible editing on this wiki is anything like correcting grammar/spelling mistakes, tagging categories, tagging stories for deletion/review, etc. 

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    • So, I can fix spelling and grammar; that makes sense.

      I guess the bigger question is whether I can change the way it's written to help the story flow better, or if that's crossing the line? Obviously, nothing pertainent to the story, but I accidentally did that last time, hence the warning.

      Also, do you know what the stories under 'Expand These Stories' in the community tab actually need done to them? I've tried asking around, but I haven't gotten any answers.

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