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    I need some people first for a team, i need someone who knows the python scripting language(that uses blender)someone to model and someone to texture the models!!!If any of my veiwers are any of these, please, do tell...While im searching you can read some details about it. ENJOY!

    Details:You are a stranded fellow, who was drinking at a bar.You drank too much and woke up on the side walk of a neighborhood.It seemed to be abandoned so, you decided to find a way back home.As you get up to walk to the sign down the street to find out where you are, you hear footsteps in a house nearby.You thought you were hearing things from all the drinking last night.You carry on and find out your on Starlite Lane.You look ahead the sign and you see a fence.Your vision unblurres and you can now see clearly.You walk over to the fence and read the sign on the fence."FBI WARNING:Stay out!"You wonder what they are trying to tell you and two of your friends from last night shows up and tell you that you need to find A way out of there and says that the friend that went into the the fence with you was killed.You say okay and walk off.The game begins.I wont tell you where it is, but, to beat the game...You have to find a secret escape cellar in one of the twenty three houses in the neighborhood.Watch out!Jeff is following you.

    Genre:Action, RPG



    NOTICE FOR XBOX FANATICS!!!!!We will try to convert it to an xbox game for those who like to play games on Xbox360 instead of PC.If succesful we will add NEW levels and more to the xbox version and sell it for 4.99 +Shipping. Total:about 6.00

    Thats not much for a game like that!What a bargain!

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