Jeff Mendoza:

May 2nd, 2017:

Class 3

2nd Year Student


Today was the first day of my 2nd year of studying at Prodigal Child Higher Education. I don't know if you have heard of my school, but my parents were all for it when my guidance counselor suggested it to them after I was expelled out of my high school for bringing a gun to school. Now, I'm not some crazy school shooter. I just brought it to scare my bully, Jeremy, so that he could stop bothering me. What I didn't know was that I didn't zip up my bag all of the way so on the way to my locker the gun dropped out of my bag. I didn’t have any time or wanted to risk picking it up. I left it on the ground and rushed into my first-period class.

It didn't take long for a couple of cops to come into the class with my principal and escort me out.

As soon as I got into the principal’s office the cops started to badger me with questions. ”What were you doing with the gun?” “Are you mad?” “Is there someone that you needed to shoot?”

I shook my head after their questions and calmly said, “If you check the gun you will see that there were no bullets in it. It was just to scare a guy that kept bugging me. He said he wanted to fight me after school. I was just gonna show him the gun before the fight so that he would back out of the fight.”

My principal asked me to step out of the room and sit on the bench by his door. I walked out of the door and sat on the bench. I tried listening in on what they were saying, but they were speaking in whispers. Curiosity got the better of me and I slowly started to get up from the bench to lean in closer to the door when I heard my father’s voice come from down the hall. “Jeff. What in the hell were you thinking? Why the fuck would you bring a gun to school? Are you fucking stupid boy? You wait till we get home. I swear you will wish you never knew what a gun was.” My mom was walking next to him completely silent. She had the look of absolute anger and disappointment etched across her face.

The whispering from the room stopped and I heard footsteps approach the door. One of the cops opened the door and nodded his head while saying, “Morning Mister and Misses Mendoza, could you come in and have a word with us?” The cop then looked at me and pointed into the room. I got up and followed my parents back into the office.

Long story short. We are a small town. They aren’t sending me to jail, but I am expelled from the school for the remainder of the year. I was expelled from the only high school within a 65-mile distance, but my amazing guidance counselor stopped us on the way out of school to give my parents a brochure and told them that it was a boarding school for troubled children like me. They gave her a look of concern until she said with a smile, “It’s free.”

Three days later I boarded a bus that was completely empty besides the driver and two other passengers my age. A girl and a boy. We didn’t talk to each other for the entire 3-hour bus ride. The bus stopped in the middle of the field. When we got out I saw a plane in the distance. As we walked up to the plane I noticed that it was completely white. It was a huge plane or a small plane. When we walked in, I saw that there were about 36 seats on the plane. We were the only passengers on the plane as well.

I was asleep for most of the plane ride. So I really don’t know how long the plane ride was, but I woke up as we landed. I wanted to look out the window, but for some odd reason, I was nervous. I didn’t really want to know where I was. I mean, when I asked my parents where I was going they would just ignore me and start talking about something else.

As the plane started to come to a stop, I finally managed to muster up the courage to look out the window and saw that we were sitting in front of a giant purple brick building. An old weathered down sign hung loosely off of the front gate.

”Prodigal Child Higher Education”

The first couple of months inside of the school was pretty much like every other school, but I fucking loved it. Almost zero rules about what we could do after classes were over. I’m not going to describe what went on for the first 11 months. It’s basically whatever you would think happens when you group up 200 teenagers and let them do anything they want to do. Not the “Lord of the Flies” shit. More like the teenage version “50 Shades of Gray” minus the shitty dialogue and the so-called “dominatrix”.

Everything was perfect until the last month.

Shit has turned completely fucked up. I don’t mean the regular teenage drama. I’m talking about waking up and walking out of your dorm room and seeing the guy in the next dorm leaning against the wall next to my door. I tried to ask him if he was okay, but he fell over on the ground. His back was completely gashed open. There were twelve knives stuck into his back. I looked down and saw several other bodies lying on the ground. I closed the door and stayed on my bed.

I got back on the bed and lied there for as long as I could. I didn’t want to get out. I was far too scared. Screaming came from the first floor every couple of minutes. I looked out the window about 45 minutes ago. There were bodies everywhere. Blood and body parts were strewn across the bottom floor.

I’m writing my first log now. Every website works here, but I feel like this is the best place to reach out. We don’t have phones here, and if we do I’m far too scared to leave my room. Please. Help me if you know any way to escape out of this nightmare.

Credited to Hayong