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This Old Man by YakuYabai01:31

This Old Man by YakuYabai


This old man, he was fun. He was cleaning out a tub.
Old man (black n' white)

He had his hair slicked back and was thin as skin and bones.
This old man didn't know his home.

This old man, he was tough. He always played with the children rough.
He had a cane in his hand and a running water hose.
This old man would watch his home.

This old man, he was done. Placed the saw under the rug.
He would clean himself up, then turn off the cartoons.
This old man would be home soon.

This old man, he was smug. Always drinking from his coffee mug.
It was dripping red and brown, like the tub had been before.
This old man was at the door.

This old man, he spoke once. He told me what he had for lunch.
"Always sleeping in the night, because their parents told them to."
This old man is in your room.

Written by YakuYabai 
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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