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Hello! I'm new here. I joined because things have been extremely strange lately. It's hard to know where it first started going wrong, but I think this will be good enough.

First Meeting

I was five. My parents had taken me to a nearby park. Unfortunately, they also brought my younger sister, whom I hate. She would always follow me around, steal my things, and bother everyone around me. Because of that, I had a very small amount of friends. So I was planning to make friends today. I walked around the park, until I noticed a small path going up a hill drowned in trees.

"Hmm... Where does this go?" I looked up the path and only saw more paths.

"Shi-!" My younger sister was heading towards me. I sighed and ran up the path so I wouldn't have to deal with her. It felt like the path would go on forever, until I reached the top. I was panting. I looked up to see an old, large house. There was also a gazebo, basketball court, and park.

"Weird... I don't remember this..." Closest to me was the basketball court. On it were two boys playing basketball. They looked at me for a second. I couldn't see their faces. Just dark shadows. After a few minutes of us all staring at each other, they went back to playing. I walked away slowly. Next I saw the gazebo. There was a girl with blonde hair sitting there, muttering something to a doll.

"Um... Hello?" I stood in front of her. She looked up and smiled.

"A new friend?" She giggled and went back to talking to her doll. I gave up on her and went to the park. There was a boy in a tree, drinking something from a can that said "Bud light" (alcohol). He was laughing and swinging his feet back and forth.

"Idiot..." I looked over to the swings, where an older girl was pushing a girl a little older than me on a swing.

"Hey hey!" the little girl called. The older girl looked at me surprised, but stayed silent.

"Huh?" I looked back at the little girl.

"Come play with me!" She looked over to a swing next to her.

"Oh. Ok!" I ran over and started swinging. We both swung for a while.

"Alright! Wanna go on the slide? It's a little slow but if you use towels it goes a lot faster! I'll go get some!" She ran into the building. I heard her voice through a window.

"Hey! Where are the towels?!" she yelled. A boy's voice responded:

"How the hell would I know? Find 'em yourself!" He sounded like he was annoyed.

"That's mean!" she yelled back. Next, a deep loud voice came.

"You two! Stop fighting! I'm reading in here!" The voice was also annoyed.

Both the girl and other boy responded, "Sorry!" Later, the girl came back with towels.

"Let's hurry! It's almost dark!" I nodded. We both played together until dark. I came back the next day, but no one was there.

God Please Give Me A Chance

This was a few years later. Now I'm ten.

"Ugh." I opened my eyes slowly. What had happened? I remember I had stopped at the library after school. I went down to the children's section. Then, I saw a man. He was new, so I said hello. He smiled and asked where my family was. I said at work. Then what? I still can't remember. All I know is that now I was in a small room with bars. There was one light swinging back and forth in the middle of the room's ceiling. My clothes had been changed. I was originally wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Now I was in a white dress that was up to my knees.

"Huh? What...happened?" I looked around, but couldn't see anything outside of my "cell". I sat there, trying to remember, but nothing came to me but three words. "Dr. Alexander, and Mariah". A few minutes later, I looked around and found a small box at the corner, underneath the cell bed. I opened it. There were medicines, books, thread, strings, and needles. I pulled out the books. All were about old torturing styles.

"Uhm... ew!" I slammed the book shut. Next I checked out the medicines. They all had long, confusing names. "Dymathym-... Never mind." I put them back. Then I looked at the thread. It was thick, long, and blue.

"Huh..." I put it on my lap. Later on, I checked out the needles. I always hated doctor's needles.

"Scary..." I put some of the medicine into the needle.

"I might want to keep this." I finally grabbed the string and tied it to the thread. For what felt like an hour, I sat there.

"Mrrrrrahhh," a deep voice came from near by.

"Um! Hello?" I went to the bars and yelled out.

"Hello?! Is someone there?!" the voice yelled back.

"Y-yeah! Are you ok?" I yelled in response. Our voices echoed in the room, most likely meaning it was a big room.

"Ugh! I-.... Unnn.... I need help. I have a deep cut," the voice moaned.

"Um! I have some medicine!" I grabbed the needle.

"Really?! That's great!" The man seemed excited.

"I'll try to pass it over.... I've only got one shot." I thought about what to do. Eventually, I tied the string and thread to the needle and pushed it out of my cell while I held onto the string.

"I'm gonna swing this around! Once you see it, tell me to stop!" I yelled as I started swinging.

"Alright!" I felt someone pull the needle. I let go and watched it being dragged to my left.

"...Ahh!" I heard someone collapse.

"Are you ok?!" There was no response. I sat there thinking. What happened? I lost track of time. Eventually, the door swung open and a light turned on. A woman in a nurse outfit stood there. She stared at me.

"..." She looked around my cell.

"You... hm... What did you give him?" I pulled out the bottle that I had used.

"...Arsenic... hehe," the woman laughed, "aww. How adorable! A child is a killer! Ah... I wish you were my daughter!" The woman bent down next to my cell and stuck an arm between the bars.

"Come here. I won't hurt you." She smiled warmly. She looked kind and excepting.

"...Promise?" I whispered.

"Promise," she nodded. I inched closer. She grabbed my chin and ran her arm up my face until she reached my hair. She ruffled it softly.

"I'll be right back. Don't do anything you'll regret." She handed me a key.

"Hm?" I rubbed it in my hands. It was warm. The woman left while whistling. Was the key to leave? I'd never know. I didn't try. I was a loyal person. And I felt she didn't want me to use the key. A few minutes later the woman came back in with a man. He sighed.

"What now Mariah? Do you have a crush on another one of the subjects?! We've discussed this!" He pulled on her hair.

"Ow! No! Jesus, let go!" He looked over at the cell next to me.

"...How did-" he started and Mariah interrupted him.

"It was the widdle girl! She's so CUTE! A little natural born killer!" Mariah ran up to me and hugged me through the bars.

"Huh?" The man stared at me and I stared back.

"She's really loyal! I gave her the key to leave! And, and, she just stayed put!" Mariah smiled. She was like a child.

"...Alright... Let's make a deal kid! You work with us, not call the cops, and don't tell your family...and... I'll not kill you!" He smiled.

"Uh..." Mariah and I stared.

"Alexander.... she's a kid... at least get her a fucking doll or something," Alexander nodded.

"Fine! A doll and life!" He unlocked the cell.

"Deal?" Mariah and Alexander smiled at me.

"...Yeah. Deal!" I smiled back. Though I had no idea what I had got myself into.

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