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Written by Aniza
Content is available under CC-BY-SA
A girl at aged 16 had just graduated at her high school. Her friends, Lindsy, Laura, Max and Zac invited the 16 year old girl to a party at Zacs house because of her graduation. Anyway before she unpacks, just as the girl got home she found a misterious email from an anonymous user. The email said Hey, thought you might like this video tape, its called The Tape share the video for the good of mankind. The girl ignored the last bit and watched the 2 minute tape, she felt disturbed at what she saw and as soon  as she watched the tape... the phone rang, at the other side of the phone was a creepy, low voiced man that said Im coming for you. The 16 year old screamed and cried with shock in fear, Zac heard the screaming from his horse and he jumped in the 16 year olds house and grabbed the girl, he said Whats wrong, whats wroong?! Did something attack you?!? The young girl couldnt recall what she saw, later that night when Zac, Lindsy Laura Max and the young girl was at Zacs house for the party, Zac felt suspicious, memorising what the young girl was screaming about, He asked Hey what was you screaming about, I forgot The girl didnt want to show the video tape to her friends but she kept getting pleaded and then she shown them. As they watched the video they kept getting terrified and disturbed. It was 12 AM they were all asleep, passed out because they were drunk and then after the night, the email was deleted, blood marks on the floor, and there were no survivors...

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