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The story behind the legend is that these college girls are having a slumber party and rented a video at a local retailer. The girls can not agree on a movie, so one of them asks for help. The officer will look for the film in the back.

Meanwhile, a girl sees a box of tape on the counter and reaches toward her. Just then, the employee leaves the back and tells her not to touch and hands him an old movie. The girl asks about the first tape, he tells her it's just a movie house. The girls agree to rent the tape that he suggests. While they are checking, the girl who asked for help steals the tape.

Back at home, the girl says to the other on the tape that she stole and everyone laughs. Still, she is asked to play the tape. She puts the tape and then leaves, but the television stays on.

The video starts playing and shows a black woman being burned for practicing witchcraft. She utters a curse that all who witness her death will face the same fate within two days. The VCR begins to make sounds and then turns off. As promised, the girls die 48 hours after watching the tape.

Written by Aniza
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