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It started when my parents and I first moved into a new apartment. It wasn't that spacious, but it was a good house. The first night was creepy for all purposes. At that age, I hated the dark and the strange noises didn't help. I could hear scratching and banging. "It’s just the house settling in" I told myself, though deep inside I thought otherwise.

I don’t know how or even if I went to sleep, but the one thing I do remember is... HIM. The man in the trench coat was surrounded by lots of darkness, like a thick black ooze, standing in front of my TV set. I was frightened and paranoid beyond belief. Thoughts of who this man was and why he was staring at me flashed through my mind in an instant. As a child, the one defense I knew was my blanket, so quickly I pulled it over my head. A loud chuckle echoed in my head as I shivered and whimpered.

After getting the nerve, I pulled the blanket down, only to find darkness. The trench coat man was gone. Ever since that night, I have a feeling that someone was watching me. Later, I asked my parents if they went into my room that night and both of them shook their heads. They were asleep. "It was only a dream," my mother said, but I knew she was wrong.

Even worse, I knew he would be back...

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