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I grew up in a, let's say medium-sized town. It was big enough to have both rural and urban parts of town. I grew up in the same home for my entire childhood, people of higher class might say the house was tiny and unkempt. But in my eyes it was perfect, it was the only home I knew. I grew up with the same kids, no one really ever moved out of the neighborhood nor did anyone ever move in. We all got along and rarely ever fought, all went to the same, tiny rural school. We played normal games like hide and seek or freeze tag, sometimes even made our own games up. The entire span of the neighborhood was our play area, with no grumpy old men or weirdos roaming the streets, the adults never worried about us as long as were back around the time street lights were on. There was however, a place we would never go near.

It wasn't out of restriction from our parents, or something that could hurt us. It was just a statue, painted all yellow. It sort of looked like a depiction of the stereotypical white male from the 50's, I can't be sure though I had never gotten close enough to examine it, I could barely even look at it for more than 2 seconds. It was just so... creepy. Everyone of us asked our parent about it all the time, They would reply with "It's been there since I was a child." It must have seemed creepy to the adults too, They avoided talking about it as much as possible.

There was something obviously strange about this statue though, you would think the statue would be decrepit since it's been there for so long. But it showed no signs of weathering or erosion. I walked past it once just to get a better look at it and i didn't even have a single scratch on it from what I what saw. even after rain and sometimes snow the statue showed no signs of damage at all, not even the bright yellow paint. The paint always looked fresh as if someone had painted it the day before. It was a bright vibrant paint, you couldn't miss it.

Other weird things happened around the statue. Cat's and dogs  would meow and bark at it, even rodents and birds would shout their distinctive sounds at it. Though they never touched it, I have never seen a single thing touch the statue besides the fresh cut grass at its feet. Grass that didn't belong to anyone. Luckily for the residents, the nearest house to the statue was a good distance away from the it. It also had no windows on the side that the statue was on. Marilyn (the owner of the house) went by asking everyone in the neighborhood who cut the grass so she could thank them, but everyone said they didn't touch the grass, nor had they heard the lawnmower that would have done it.

For a while the neighborhood had a raccoon problem, it would knock over the garbage cans and rip them open letting all the contents spill onto the driveway or streets. It seemed to be the same raccoon who was doing it. Though it only lasted three days before the raccoon was found dead at the statues feet. It didn't really matter to me, we stayed far enough away from the statue that I couldn't smell it much. I assumed one of the adults would dispose of it sometime during the day, but they didn't. The raccoon just lied there at the statues feet all day and night. I thought the adults didn't want to get near the statue, but when I woke up in the morning it was gone.

Kids had started daring and making bets on who would get the closest to the statue. One day the richest kid in the neighborhood offered 15 bucks to whoever would go and wright on the statue with red sharpie and then came back to check if it was painted over the next day. I was one of the poorer kids, I never received allowance or even lunch money so 15 bucks was probably the largest amount of money I would have for awhile. But I was too scared, so two other kids volunteered to go with me and we would split it into 5 dollars each, which was still a lot to me. I agreed and grabbed the red sharpie and made my way to the statue with two neighbor kids following. The entire shaky-walk to the statue was terrifying. I kept freezing in place and forcing myself forward, I never took my eyes off the grass.

When I reached the statue I quickly uncapped the sharpie and gave the statue a quick swipe across the chest, then dropped the sharpie and ran as fast as I could back the group. Everyone cheered for me and I got my 5 bucks. I told them I was tired and went back to my house. When I entered the house I didn't say a single thing to my parents, I just walked straight to my bedroom jumped onto my bed and took a well-deserved nap.

I dreamed of a giant pair of yellow eyes watching over me, in the dream something much bigger than me and too complex for my understanding was taking care of me like an overseer. It was mad, in the dream I felt as if I had ruined something perfect, and lost someone who had supported me. It felt as if I had defiled and rejected something that protected everything with flawless judgement.

I awoke out of the dream confused, it was too much for youthful mind too understand so I threw it off as a nightmare. I looked out my window into the night sky when something bright caught my eye. It was the statue, But it seemed brighter than before, a lot more noticeable. I couldn't help but stare at it until I realized it something wasn't normal, it was facing my house.

I immediately threw the covers over my head and curled up into a ball, and that's how I stayed for two more panicky hours before finally drifting off to sleep. I awoke to the sound of sirens, I peeked out my bedroom window to see my street flooded with squad cars and ambulances. They were focused on the two homes that the kids who helped me win the bet stayed in. I got dressed and ran outside, I overheard one of the officers telling another officer what happened.

"So what's the case?"

"Two children ages ten and eleven were found dead by the parents an hour ago and they called the police. The cause of death is unknown but it were sure it was a murder."


"Both kids were painted head to toe bright yellow, except there hands were painted purple. Those colors are complete opposites on the color wheel, so detectives are guessing that the murderer is trying to get a point across."

"That's sick!"

"Yeah, the poor children are on there way to the autopsy room so they can find out how they were killed. hopefully the can get them cleaned up before the funereal."

I couldn't believe what I hearing, they were dead? gone forever? no. NO. We were suppose to all grow up together and become adults with each other and work together until we became the old people in the neighborhood. This can't be happening, Tears crashed down my cheeks as I screamed and ran into my bedroom and jumped into my bed. I went under the covers and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up to my mother shaking me with a very serious look on her face. She told me to get out of bed and that we were taking a drive. I got ready and met my mom in the car.

"Where are we going?"

She didn't answer me, I sat back in my seat slowly not wanting to bother her any further. The entire car ride was silent, I would occasionally look into the rear view mirror to see my mother expressions. She looked serious and worried, very worried. As if someone was going to hurt her. We arrived at the destination (halfway across town). It was a big field with a weird, out of place building. She told me to go inside the building,



"I'm scared," I said quietly.

She looked at me with the death stare, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She barely muttered

"I'll.. be waiting.. right here."

I got out the car and cautiously ran to the building with tears strolling down my face. When I approached the building I noticed there was no door as I walked into the dimly lit room. There was nothing. I did a full three-sixty and saw nothing, the building was pretty big, but there was nothing. No rooms no corridors no random objects, It's like nothing had ever been here, though the floors and walls were pretty dirty. I did a full three sixty to sweep the place for anything that could tell what this was but nothing.Then.... the light went out. When it turned back on my eyes bounced around for a little bit before I noticed something terrifying.

The exit was blocked by a giant bright yellow wall. I looked around the room and saw the next thing that made my heart drop... The yellow statue, in it's same eerie pose as it is when it's on my street.

I stared at it in horror for moment when... Like something out of my nightmares, the hand came down to it's side. It's head turned to the side and I backed up and pressed myself against the wall as hard as I could. It then turned around to face me. There was about ten seconds of nothing but my heavy breathing. then...

The statue moved at me, right when I blinked it was in my face. I screamed as loud as I could. The statue just stood there. It's face was different, instead of the generic smile it was a violent frown. It slammed one of it's hands next to my head, and cocked It's own. His movements were stiff and robot like. It then began to speak in an unnatural deep tone.

"Do you know what you have done?"

"Do you know the damage you have caused?"

"All I did was help and this is how you repay me? you defile me?"

"Protection and love is all I provided and wanted nothing in return and vandalize me for some game?"

His mouth moved up and down like a puppet.

"I kept you and your society safe, and you can't even be grateful?"

I was too horrified and shocked to even make a noise

"Your greed and ignorance got two people killed."

He leaned closer to my face

"And for what?"

The lights went out again.

I woke up on the grass in front of the statue sobbing, I crawled away until I was on my feet and then ran to my house. My front door as unlocked and my parents were sitting at the table and didn't even look at me when I came in. I didn't care, I didn't want to speak to anyone ever again. I ran to my room and pulled the blanket over my head.

After about five hours of hiding I decided to take a look at the statue, it was in it's normal place facing down the street. I sank back into my bed and drifted to sleep. I woke up to a normal morning, Though my parents weren't speaking, the parents of those two deceased kids were moving out, and there was no school since it was spring break. A couple of days went by with the same repeated process until about halfway through the week.

My dad walked into my room and gave some terrible news.

"An organization will be here today to come pick you up, it's required by the law, we still love you... son. There is no need to pack, they will have everything ready for you in their headquarters. Your mom... She still loves you. We will miss you."

Then he walked out of my room. He was right, a white bus with black tinted windows pulled up and my dad told me to get on it. The windows were tinted on the inside too, it was impossible to see the outside. There was no one inside the bus excluding the bus driver who seemed like a normal person. The bus drive was long so and I had nothing to entertain myself with so I fell asleep.

I woke up as the bus stopped at it's destination, I stepped out of the bus and there was a large, white building amongst other vacant looking buildings. I was waiting for someone to escort me into the building but no one came. I was about to turn around when something hit me hard on the head and I lost consciousness.

I woke up with other kids in some cafeteria. I was seated at a table with some other kids who were staring at me with blank expressions, though they turned away when they noticed I saw them. I was about to say something when a tall intimidating man walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and he said

"Come with me."

"Where am I?" I asked.

No reply. He began walking and I quickly followed behind him. He took me to a large padded white room. As I walked in he closed a large metal door behind me. I looked around and noticed slots on the wall that said Food. I also noticed a sink and toilet. The only other things in the room was a tiny white doll, around the size of the average "teddy bear" and a jar of bright yellow paint. And then for the first time I noticed I was wearing different clothes, I was wearing a purple hospital gown, same as all the other kids from the cafeteria.

The metal door opened again and this time a lady walked in and said.

"By now you've probably noticed the sink and toilet. That's where you get your food and that over there (she points at the doll) is your savior and protector, leave without it and you will be punished. Make. Him. Happy."

I already knew what she wanted. She wanted me to paint that thing yellow. I knew this was about the statue, I turned around to ask her a question when I was cut off by the sound of the metal door closing. I walked up to the doll and grabbed the paintbrush behind it. I then began painting it yellow.

I had never painted before and I was sure I would mess up and leave streaks and other flaws but, the paint just looked perfect. As if it was done by an artist. When I finished I was feeling really tired so I put the doll back on the platform it was originally standing on. Then I laid down on the padded floor and fell asleep.

I woke up starving. I immediately looked at the food slot and was happy to see a steaming bowl of oatmeal waiting for me, along side a plastic glass of orange juice. I ate my breakfast quickly and place the dishes back into the slots. I waited for about an hour for anything to happen, and to my surprise a bell rang and the metal door opened. I stepped out and saw a cluster of kids all heading the same direction. I turned around and grabbed the doll and followed them. outside was a play area with a very long white table near a barbed wired fence. I walked up to the table to view it's contents. It was an arrangement of various loaded firearms. I wondered why they would put guns near kids. After about ten minutes I saw a kid walk up to the table and grab a gun. I noticed he had no doll.

He picked up the firearm and put it to his head, I backed up, I didn't know what was going to happen. He then began to shake and then finally pull the trigger, splattering the contents of his head all over the grass behind him. I'm the only person that screamed. The only person who really seemed to be affected by this.

This went on for about 3 years, the same process. Eat, play, eat, eat, sleep. Always having my doll with me, I became panicky without it. A lot of kids died, I even witnessed a couple of gruesome violent beatings to kids who were caught without their doll.

Finally one day on my thirteenth birthday, I woke up and my doll had a letter tucked under his arm. It was telling me about how I will go home today but luckily I won't be leaving my doll thank god. As I was finishing letter the metal door opened with and a lady was standing in the entryway.

"You're leaving now. Grab your savior and let's go."

She then whispered in my ear with a warning tone "If you tell anybody about what happened hear you savior will turn purple and you. will. die."

I grabbed the doll and followed her to a yellow van which dropped me off at my house. I knocked on the door. My mom opened the door and stared at me wide eyed.

"My baby!"

She cried and gave me a hug with tears streaming down her face. My father then showed behind and said "Welcome home son" with wide smile on his face. It took me a while to get use to my family again. But in time I adjusted. It was as if the previous 4 years had never happened. The statue was still there and I wasn't scared of it anymore. I befriended all my previous playmates, they still stayed away from the statue.

Everything was good until Around the time I turned 15. I was still carrying the doll everywhere I go and my father had grown tired of it.

"It makes you look like a child! get rid of it"

"No!" I shouted "I need him"

"Get rid of it or I will for you"

"No!" I shouted again and ran to my bedroom.

I slammed the door behind me. How could he be so inconsiderate. If I leave my doll I'll die. I need it. I will never leave my doll. I will keep it with me at all times forever. I need it. He is my protector and savior.

He is my Lord.

Written by Lawvah
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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