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He’s been following me. I know he’s there. He knows that I know. He could appear anytime, anywhere and take everything but my life, then that as well. I thought nothing of it at first, just my imagination right? We all like to think that. But that night… the night I incurred his… ITS… full wrath. I was sleeping in my bed as I was blinded by a light. I awoke to find the computer next to my bed turned on.

Still mostly asleep I honestly didn't care, but when I turned over… that split second I made the worst decision of my now ending life, I saw him. Up close. A six foot tall man in a suit. “Man”. He had a rabbit’s head. Twitching whiskers, Red, slightly glowing eyes, tall ears. So realistic. For the small moment I saw him before I blacked out, this vision was burned into my brain. Just standing over my bed, examining my shelves of items just as if he were trying to find something out.

I awoke the next day paranoid of it coming back. Half of me thought that I was dreaming while awake. The other half knew better… I thought it would ease my nerves to have a friend over, so I called my old friend Hailey. I thought it’d be a good idea since I hadn’t seen her in years. She said she was free and she came over a little while later.

I couldn’t help but jump when I heard a knock at the door. I gave her a huge hug, happier than ever to see her again. I brought her to my room to watch a movie with me. I was focused on the movie, but then I looked at her and how cute she was, and how long it had been. I figured what the heck and cuddled up next to her. She smiled and we started talking. Just small talk that would be easily forgotten. Then I started thinking about… it. She must have seen my face… she asked me what was wrong. I tried to think of what to say.

“Don’t think I’m crazy or tripping or something but…”


‘I’ve been... followed by… something. It’s a rabbit-headed “man” in a suit...”

Her eyes got large and she tensed up, gasping. I had a hand on her stomach and I felt it tightening, shaking even…as if she were being possessed. I freaked out and said, "Oh my god, what’s wrong!?" She snapped out of it and it was as if she had no idea.

I said, "What’s wrong… I didn’t freak you out too bad… with what I said did I?”

“Yeah. You kinda did… I’m sorry I have to go.”

“No don’t—“

It was too late. She was dead set on leaving. Great, now she thinks I'm crazy.

For the next three days I mostly stayed around people. I had a group of friends and family members in my room with me at about 10:00 pm. I half jokingly said, “By the way guys if you see a rabbit in a tux tell me, alright?”

They all laughed and I tensely joined them. Then… oh god... then at that moment I looked on the bed. I saw a large rabbit mask lying there. Seemingly dead without the owner. I looked away as “Oh god, why?” barely came out of my mouth. I covered my mouth, tears slipping out, feeling my stomach churn.

I ran out as fast as I could, grabbing my knife on the way. I thought, why I am I the only one? Where is everyone? I ran back into my room, stupid I know. Not only were they all gone… so was the rabbit head. No No NO! I thought. This can’t be happening! I ran back into the living room yelling for my mom and sister. It was in vain. I knew he killed them too.

Going out the door, I looked back. I saw that freak thing slowly walk from my sister’s room to my room. My heart leaped at the sight of it and I turned the knob to leave. Of course… it just had to be locked. At the sound of my struggling with the door, the White Rabbit reared its ugly head. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I knew there was no way I could get down the stairs fast enough. I lept the stars and fell. I blacked out once more...

I woke up to find myself in a blinding white room with blood stained walls. It was on top of me. I looked into its shiny red eyes filled with malice and hate. He spoke his first most chilling words

“Why do you run? I just want to show you a Magic trick. Hehehe… I can make my head come off.”

I looked away screaming as I heard the sound of fabric and flesh ripping. Again... I fainted. I woke up chained to a wall… my gut slit open, My friends and family members mutilated, sharing my chained captivity. So this is it. This is what I was running away from. If anything I learned that you can't run, you can't hide. Wherever you go the White Rabbit will be there too. The rabbit's head was gone. His body too. That means he's on to his next victim. Could be you and your family. Just don't run... it won't work. Remember, every time you look in one of those diseased creature's eyes. he's there. You'll end up in this room with me... and the writing… on the walls… in blood. My blood I think. The writing that I saw as I took my last breath…


(This is based on a dream I had. I apologize for the uncreative ending, the dream ended when I leapt the stairs.)