Art class is always fun. My art teacher is a funny and calm guy, you can almost do anything in art class and get away with it, something you would never be able to pull off with the other teachers. I'm a decent, hard-working art student. I get above 80 in every art project, and it is just plain fun. But right now I'm rambling on about crap... I need to tell you about the strange occurrences that had happened in art class... and how it changed my life completely. My art pal is named Colin. Colin Dumfey. I only met him this year and we became close friends in art and we usually work on projects together. The third wheel of the group is a girl who has become close friends with us and occasionally works with us on projects. Her name is Ray Ray Benford. She gets all 95 plus in her work. I think its because shes a suck up to the teacher.

So we needed to do an independent drawing of whatever we wanted to draw, it was completely our choice, for our end of the month assignment. So I went home and looked on the internet to find a cool picture I could draw for my assignment. After hours of searching I found an interesting image of something that resembled the grim reaper or some kind of demon. Since I love this kind of images, I decided to draw it. Its eyes were black with white pupils, which made it creepy looking, and I loved it but it was still a bit unsettling. Its face was like a skull and it wore a black cloak. I drew this image. It took a few hours to do because it was so realistic. My cousin, Katie Bernante, is an amazing artist. She got an overall average of 100 on her final report. I was so proud of the drawing that I just had to go show her! when she seen the image she seemed to be a bit squeamish. She started to yell at me to burn the image. She said it will kill us, but I thought she was trying to scare me so I left... but she was right. I'm getting ahead of myself now.

So the next day in art class Colin showed me what he drew. It was a drawing of his favorite comic book hero, The Alberta Anteater. Ray Ray drew Jake from the kids cartoon "Adventure Time." I pulled out my drawing of the demonic figure that I was so proud of. When Colin seen it he turned pale and he instantly got a nose bleed and needed to go to the bathroom to take care of it. When I showed Ray Ray she passed out from the sight of the image. I didn't think anything of it and I just passed it in to Mr. Cadbury. That night when I got home I had a dream that the demonic figure was talking to me. Like it was trying to give me a message. It said to me, "Art comes in many forms... and murder is one of them." I woke up after he said this and I couldn't fall back asleep. I just lay there, thinking about getting 100 on my drawing.

When I got to school the next day, I had art right after Canadian history class. When I got to art Colin and Ray Ray were absent and we had a substitute teacher. The teacher explained that Mr. Cadbury had been brutally murdered last night in his home. I felt sad at this point because he was my favorite teacher. After class I found my drawing on the floor and it was graded. On the back of it was creepy writing that resembled the style of the band Slayer's logo. It said, "Good work, 666%". This creeped me out. I wondered if it was connected to Mr. Cadbury's murder. I decided to take my cousin's advice and burn the drawing. When I got home I found out that both Colin and Ray Ray were killed. Sobbing, I went up to my room. When I walked inside my room looked the exact same thing as the art room at school! And there was blood all over the walls and floor. I turned to run out but my door was locked and I couldn't get out! The I noticed my drawing was taped to the wall! As I stared at the figure I heard A voice that said, "Art comes in many forms... and murder is one of them." I passed out.

When I woke up my room was back to normal. I decided to quit art and do science instead. I'll never copy a drawing from the internet again... and you shouldn't either.