I was alone in my room, like always, just clicking in and out of webpages- I really couldn't find anything interesting considering It was 12 AM and I was just dying to get some sleep. Though, before I was going to exit out of the web browser and shut down my laptop- I noticed I received a message on YouTube. I opened the message and saw it was a recommend video- now normally I wouldn't dare to watch a video that's been recommend- cause It's usually something really stupid or just really boring. Though something in me couldn't help but click on the link-  It took me to the videos link-The video was called "The Viral Video" which I noticed had around 10,000,000 views. Though what was really strange was that there were not likes (not even dislikes) and no comments whatsoever.

Strange  I thought- nevertheless I pressed play. The video was black for about 20 seconds than a man who looked like he was in his early twenties, with glasses and curly hair popped up. He was looking straight at the camera with dull and sorrow eyes. He then started to smile- not just any smile, but a smile with such pain -almost as if he was forcing that smile. The man suddenly started talking, I couldn't hear though - considering there was no audio.  I did understand some things he was mouthing out.




What did those words mean? What was he talking about?- I tried everything I could to hear the man- but nothing worked. I even changed my volume settings- but nothing happened. Five minutes later the man took off his glasses and reached for something under his desk.. I assumed he was getting a piece of paper that would say "subscribe and share this video" Like most YouTube videos ends. Though I was wrong- Really- wrong. He took out something that appeared to look like a gun?!

I started to worry- hoping he was going to do what I thought he was. He pulled the gun to his head and smiled at the camera again- this time he had a real smile, he had joy in his eyes- he then waved "bye bye" to the camera, and pulled the trigger

Boom! I Jumped out of my seat than man had just shot himself in the head. The weird thing is  you could hear the audio perfectly now. There was music playing in the back It was playing what I figured it was "Jump in the line (shake senora)" though- it was much slower than the original song- and the singing was way creepier. There the video ended. I was too stunned and shocked to do anything at that point- then reality hit me...I needed to know what was going on? 

I clicked to the videos channel- nothing popped out though. I would still stay at the same page-  at first I thought my internet connection must not be working- but when I went back to the home page it was working perfectly. I tried contacting the person who sent me the video link but he wouldn't reply back.  I decided to check it out on Google- 

I searched " The Most Viral Video"   a whole selection of videos popped up- though after searching for an hour - I couldn't find the video what's so ever. It was like the video did'nt exist- I decided to search up "Man shoots himself on camera- Viral Video" you know trying to be  a little specific. 

Though again I couldn't find anything discussion or link to the video.  Then I decided again to search up "Alone Stop Never" the was only was link this time.  I clicked on it and it took me a discussion board. It was titled " The Viral Video?!" A smile formed unto my face. success 

There were about 10 comments on the discussion board.  Most of them just said how it was probably fake. 

Though the last comment caught my eyes 

"It isn't fake- I can assure you that. That video isn't meant to be watched! it makes you crazy I can tell you that. You can never sleep- all you see is that mans face and that stupid song, oh that stupid song is always in your head. Idk how did it go so viral? honestly- someone sent it to me...and now and now I'm here considering if I should kill myself?- "  The comment was posted about 3 minutes ago. 

I quickly replied to his comment saying what did he mean that video isn't suppose to be watched and- what he meant about the face and the song.

About 2 minutes later the person replied "the video is in private...It can only be watched if someone sent you the link....- that video makes you want to kill yourself. It will start with the song...than the faces and than...and than you can't handle it no more- You're a goner"

Wow- I couldn't believe it.

That was just the most stupidest shit I've had ever heard. What kind of video makes you want to kill yourself? Must be a joke- yeah It was probably a joke. 

I shut down my laptop and go into bed - I was to exhausted to continue on with reading such bullshit-

god- though the only thing I do regret It listening to that stupid song.

It's stuck in my head now.