I had just moved into my new house, we had to move due to my moms job change, it was honestly a little sad to move to a new house, but nothing was strange about the house, it was a smaller house, oddly built with like a stairwell underground leading to the master bedroom. Anyways, this pasta isn't about the house, because nothing strange happened in the house, and still to this day nothing bad has happened.

My mom, dad and me went exploring around the local town which was about 10 miles from our house, also, in the process of the move, my laptop was jarred so much in the U-HAUL truck it was destroyed, at the time, I did not have desktop, and without a computer for me practically it would be hard to live. My mother gave me $200 to go spend on a new laptop. My parents told me to meet them back at the coffee shop at 3 o'clock sharp.

I got out of the car and looked at the huge statue of a man holding some sort of sword, strangely it looked like a katana. I saw a man sitting on a bench who looked as if he was in his 30's, he looked as if his face was slightly burned and he had a scars on his arms, as he was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up and the sleeves cut off, with cutoff jeans, his legs were full of cuts. Usually, I avoid suspicious people, but as I was so in need for a laptop, I asked him for directions.

"Hey... Dude... you-- uh, know where the nearest tech shop is?" I said nervously partially because I had just moved to a new town, and this guy seemed sketchy.

"Over there, take a right towards the...." he said, stuttering a lot.

I said thank you and walked away towards the bookstore, which was a good sized brick building with dirty glass windows with books in the window that looked used, it honestly looked like the store was going out of business, in the back of the store I saw a deathfully skinny man hunched over a trunk of books.

I ignored it and took a right and there was the tech shop, it wasn't a chain, as it seemed locally owned anyway. A thought passed through my mind that the people here looked oddball, outside of the store, I saw a Gothic women who had painted herself white and everything on her was black, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, hair, lips, fingernails. I also saw a guy in a 7-11 uniform with long hair down his back and his visor backwards. I opened the glass door to the tech shop and saw a guy on his iPhone doing something. After about a minute he looked up at me.

"Hey dude, I'm Zack, uh... what can I help you with?" Zack said.

"Hi, I got $200 dollars and am looking for a laptop, that can run some games and has a CD drive." I said.

Zack walked over to a shelf that had some laptops that had a sign that said "USED". He seemed as if he was looking for one in particular, then he found a quite small-screened laptop that was using the OS Vista.

"This one can hold some decent shit, you know." Zack said not seeming professional, but I didn't care honestly.

The strange thing was that it was exactly 200 dollars, and that was what I had, but it wasn't that strange, I mean I'm sure you've seen something you really want and have just the right amount of money. I handed Zack the cash and he gave me the laptop, I was exceptionally happy, but the future was yet to come.

By the time I had bought the laptop, it was 3:45, and it took a good 15 minutes to get back to the coffee shop, I walked and still was noticing how weird the town was. I sat down a bench and waited for my mom and dad to get back, they got back with the car, as I hopped in the back seat, but yet again, the future was yet to come.

When I got home, I turned on the laptop and it started up and there was already an account, but it was Zack, it seemed if Zack had owned the computer, I looked around as I didn't know the password, but he had left a piece of paper on the keyboard that said the password.

I typed in the password, and it started up, it already had a few icons, as it seemed that Zack didn't delete some of his stuff. I deleted them for a fresh start to a new computer. I got on the internet and downloaded a few ROMs, I started one up which was  the original Tomb Raider, the music was almost broken and I couldn't stop hearing clicks and pops in the audio. I pressed enter on start and I entered the game.

The color pallet was all messed up with everything being pink and black checkered decal pattern. I called in my brother to come see it, he didn't really care or pay attention all he said was "Weird."

I exited out of the game, not creeped out, but just thinking about the fact of why it would happen.

I thought I might try it again later, I had no antivirus software, so I downloaded some from the Internet which had surprisingly worked, I had no viruses, but I liked to play it safe. I always liked to play it safe.

I found a few .TXT files that seemed as if Zack had wrote them.

One of them was about... well... something I honestly don't want to describe... It was a lot of jumbled text of symbols and altcodes that were just on there. I saw an image that it changed to a face... but censor altcodes covered his eyes, it looked real, but not it wasn't really.

I was literally freaked out, it was already about 9:00 PM, I went to play the Tomb Raider ROM again, it worked for a while of time, but then things just got weird....

The screen kept flashing black again and again, it closed out the thing again and popped up the face that was on the .TXT file but with a color scheme, which made it look that much more real, and disturbing.

I shut off my computer, and went to sleep, planning the next day to go back to Zack and see if he could explain what was going on.

Well, I guess the picture of the jumbled text wasn't that scary, but it was definitely unsettling.

I woke up, and I asked my dad to drive me back to the town, he said yes and proceeded to grab the keys and start the car.

As we were passing a store on the way, I saw the same face in the .TXT file spray painted on a wall. I was thinking that my mind was playing tricks on me, or something like miniature PTSD.

I said thanks to my dad and opened the door to the car and got out.

I walked the same way to the store, and opened the glass door. Zack wasn't there, instead it was a girl with long, straight black hair, a Metallica t-shirt, and some washed jeans.

"Hi, I'm Marceline, how can I help you." She said drowsily.

Impolitely, I asked where Zack was, and she said Zack was in the hospital, I then proceeded to tell her the strange things that had happened on the laptop, and half of the time I knew she wasn't listening, she was just nodding.

She had passed it on as nonsense, which it was definitely not.

I walked back to my dad's car and asked me if he could drive me to the hospital, he looked at me suspiciously at me but didn't ask why. He drove me to the hospital, he didn't say a word to me as if it seemed as if he was agitated at something.

I walked into the hospital lobby as the gumb smacking secretary didn't bother to look up at me.

"Hello, I'm looking for... uh... Zack..." I said.

"Yeeauh... Floor 4 Room 7" She said with a northern accent.

As it was relatively small hospital, there were only, say, 7 floors. I trudged up the stairs to Floor 4. And walked down a hallway with flickering lights and a part of the floor almost caved in.

I walked into the room with my laptop in my arms.. Zack was asleep, I looked at Zack as that same face turned it head and screeched with the most horrible sound. I blinked my eyes and ran out as fast as I could.

I apparently blacked out and was now in the hospital my self, I still remember that vividly, and still live there to this day.