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The Solanum Vial

The Future and the Past Are What You Dream

“Unknown time and date.” As I lay in the long cold grass awaiting my life’s end I look up at the stars and wonder if it had all been a dream.

It was March 23rd, Friday, four days before the start of something that was slowly changing planet earth, as it has for decades. We humans have just been too blind to see it happening. That was until my physicist teacher; Professor Marrow had began talking to a mysterious voice on the phone during my class break.

I overheard the voice yelling at him saying that he had done something bad. After class, I causally approached Mr. Marrow shyly and asked what that man meant by the professor doing something bad, not even thinking that he would be evil. The professor just looked at me worried and then ran off into the dust and dirt of these towns’ factories. I didn’t wonder what was going on in Mr. Marrow's mind but I didn’t want to either.

March 24th, Saturday

My studies class had started and no sign of Mr. Marrow anywhere, we had done a full day without him. I got home around 5:45 PM, I entered my study and noticed a vial of liquid on my shelf, as I picked it up I read the vial's laminated sticker, it said:

"From Professor Marrow, keep it safe PS, "NEVER DRINK THIS!"

In of all my years of study and knowledge of physics and chemicals I've never seen something so peculiar. I started to examine the liquid from the outside as anyone most likely would, if they had a very curious attitude and a mind that could get through the hardest glass in the world, if on the other side were secrets of death itself.

6:11 PM: “No! It couldn't possibly be!” It appeared that the liquid in the bottle was made up of "Solanum," a virus only newly found, it isn’t very understood yet and no purpose has been found but scientist have found out that this contagious liquid works by traveling through the bloodstream from the initial point of entry to the brain. This virus is very unique and uses the cells of the frontal lobe for replication causing a sickness we call brain reanimation and also has started AIDS.

March 25th, Sunday

I studied all morning about this strange liquid and could not find anything, I wanted to be the first person to find out the side effects of Solanum. I wouldn’t drink it of course as it could give me AIDS. 12:34 AM: I just came back from the pet store and had just bought myself a puppy, I mad this choice because a dog's brain at a young age cannot change the effects of forcing vitamins in itself by eating its own… removals. As I entered my study once again I laid the puppy down on a bench and opened the Solanum's cap, the dog backed up as if the smell was revolting. I forced the liquid down the dog's throat and backed up. Almost five hours had passed and all the dog ended up with was a bad fever with a little dementia, sudden chills, pains in the joints and temperatures of around ninety-nine to one-hundred-nine degrees. In order for me to get the full accurate results, I put the puppy in a cage and never touched it since.

Three more hours passed, the dementia rose by thirty percent, the dog had more symptoms such as a loss of muscular coordination and numbing of extremities. The dog’s temperature also heightened to one-hundred-eleven degrees. About eleven hours after I gave the dog Solanum, it appeared that the symptoms were getting worse, I went and fetched the dog a bowl of water and some dog biscuits. I came back to see that the animal had paralysis in the lower body and overall numbness, plus a really slow heart rate. I put the bowls of food and water in the cage and went to eat lunch myself. I came back five hours later as my mum had asked me to go to the shops for something.

When I had just closed my door the dog was laying down, I was shocked that none of the food or water was gone. I had thought the dog died, I opened the cage and slowly felt the dog's chest, he was still alive but was in a coma. The best thing to do was wait, and as I did so I felt sorry for using a puppy, but I didn’t realize the threats of this new disease. After a long four hours the dog slowly awoke with a surprising heart rate stoppage and had no brain activity whatsoever. I started to worry a bit more, I think to myself, how could this be? I thought that it couldn’t possibly be so I waited for the final results. After three hard-to-wait hours had finally ended, I got my last result… reanimation.

March 26th, Monday

I awoke with a rattle behind my curtain, almost knowing what I would find. Oh, it was just a rat looking for food. It climbed up to my cage and had a peek inside, as I was about to shoo it away I heard a faint growl. Suddenly a piece of the rat's head was bitten off and the rat ran down into a hole in the wall. Out of the darkness of the cage were two glowing red eyes shining right at me. In confusion, I opened up the cage and that puppy jumped up and bit my arm. "Ow! You stupid mutt!” The dog jumped out of the window and ran into the mist of the fog headed towards the village. I laid down knowing what effects I would come across, most likely pains and a coma. As I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep, I wondered, what have I done?

I awoke a couple of hours later with no side effects. I wondered, what’s going on? Could it be a late side effect? Not having any side effects but still carry the effects of the Solanum, I couldn’t say to myself what was really going on, but I thought it would be best if I leave home and get away from my family.

11.00 AM: I decided to go to my friend's house at this time but I still understood the fact that I could have minor dementia anytime soon, I quickly rushed to my best friend's place. His name is Jacob; he isn’t a well-known person but has created hair products full of Adamantium and vitamins only known to be found in humans with type R blood. I went there, hoping for help about this… this new disease, knowing that he might have info about it, as he was quite an intelligible scholar. At one time, we weren’t very good friends but that was six years ago. I figured I might as well tell you all this because I’m only just running to Jacob's place with a reddish-blue swollen hand awaiting what I could possibly do to create a nuisance to this world.

(The Messenger)

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