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< Unknown Insane Man >No. I'm... No. No...
He... He is here...
< Psychologist > Who?
<UIM> HIM! He's there! RIGHT THERE!
<Psy.> Sir, calm down.
<UIM> NO! HE'S GOI-...
<Psy.> Yes?
<UIM> ...
<Psy.> Sir? Are you okay?
<UIM> ... He... you...
<Psy.> What?
<UIM> I-...  I'm sorry.
*Footsteps and muffling is heard*
*Tape ends*


< Police Officer 1 > So he's the crazy guy?
< Police Officer 2 > Yea, Brian found this guy holding a guy's heart.
<PO1> You sure he did that? He looks like he can't even fight a fly?!
<PO2> Yeah bu-
*cut off by UIM*
<PO2> Calm down sir.
*Sounds of a man getting up is heard*
<PO2> Sir, sit back down. I don't want to use force on you!
*Slow footsteps are heard*
<UIM> Do you think I killed him.
Do you really think I COULD kill him?
My arms were restrained to eachother...
Even m-...
*footsteps stop*
*Vomiting is heard*
<PO1> Sir are you okay?!
*Sounds of someone collapsing is heard*
<PO2> We need a medic!
*Swift footsteps are heard*
*Tape ends*


<Unknown Voice> Voice Recording 3. Date- August 12th, 1945.
<UV> Name. Head Psychologist Johnathan.
<HPJ> Patient Ben died of siezures.
<HPJ> Why?...
<HPJ> Why do they also react like that?!
*Starts to raise his voice*
*starts to calm down*
<HPJ> We've used... countless... loved ones... to make the first-...
*Tape ends*


<HPJ> I-... the Nazis fou-...
*Deep breaths are heard*
<HPJ> They invaded... They're going to find it...
<HPJ> I worked so hard for it. *Starts to chuckle*
<HPJ> And it works now.
*Multiple footsteps are heard*
*Sounds of an injection is heard*
<HPJ> I'm sorry for what I've done.
*Sounds of a door being attempted to be busted down*
*Groaning is heard*
*Door Opens*
*Gunshots and snarling is heard*
<German Soldier> WAS IST DAS DING!!
*Tape ends*


<Unknown> Wir töteten sie. Es war nicht ein Mensch. Es war eine untote Monster.
Nicht ein Schuss. Nicht zwei. Aber wir brauchen die Luft zu sprengen ...
<Unknown> Die Zeit, die zu töten, dass man ... BEAST. Er tötete alle ....
Jeder außer mir.
*Multiple snarlings are heard*
<Unknown> Gott segne Deutschland.
*A gun being loaded is heard*
*The sound of a metal door being cracked upon is heard*
*Gunshots and screaming is heard*
*Tape ends*


  • In a heavy Russian accent*
    <Unknown> Dmitri, I found a voice tape recorder.
    <Dmitri> Давайте посмотрим, если есть ленты в нем!
    <Unknown> Why can't you speak English, Dmitri?
    *The play button being pressed is heard*
    *Complete silence is heard for more than half an hour after the tape was done*
    <Unknown> Dm-... DMITRI!
    *Shots from a pistol is heard*
    *Screams of pain is heard*
    *SOunds of a gun reloading is heard, followed by more gunshots*
    *Something collapsed*
    <Unknown> Dmitri! DMITRI! Are you okay!?!?!
    <Dmitri> *Screams*
    <Unknown> It's okay.
    *Dragging is heard*
    <Unknown> I'll take you to safety...
    *More snarling is heard*
    <Unknown> ...
    *Gunshots are heard*
    *Footsteps running swiftly is heard*
    <Dmitri> NO! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! Почему вы так жестоки?!!!
    *Screaming and ripping sounds are heard*
    *All sounds start to fade away*
    *Deep breathing sounds are heard*
    <Unknown> Where's the door?!
    *Punching and a few shots are heard*
    <Unknown> HE!-... he... bit me.
    <Unknown> AH! It hurt's... I need to find the door before they find me.
    *Five minutes of running is heard*
    <Unknown> I'm going to die...
    <Unknown> The bite... It's turning everything around it black and green...
    <Unknown> I want to bite off my own fles-... No. Snap out of it Moloskitiv. You can do this*
    <Unknown changes to M>
    <M> I found Dmitri walking around...
    <M> He-... He looked at me and twitched.
    <M> He was running toward me. Only that he...
    <M> He looked like he was trying to stop himself.
    <M> I was about to raise my pistol but... He...
    *Soft crying is heard*
    <M> He was about to bite me... He was going to kill me...
    <M> But,  he stopped for a second.
    <M> If he didn't stop... I would be dead by know.
    <M> In this brief second, I pushed him back and shot his back multiple times.
    <M> This is the most efficient way of immobilizing him. Nothing else would stop him.
    <M> Not in the head, heart, or any other vital places.
    <M> I can only stop him from walking...
    *Dozens of moaning is heard*
    <M> They're coming...
    *Moloskitiv gets up*
    *Sounds of rapid pistol shots are heard*
    *The shots stop*
    *Whimpering and yells of pain are heard*
    *Tape ends*


  • Deep breathing is heard*
    *Slow walking and wheezing is the only audible thing heard*
    *A faint whistle is heard*
    *A loud crack then explosion occurs*
    *Tape breaks and ends*

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