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There is a user on YouTube named "ShayeSaintJohn."

Many people label ShayeSaintJohn as a "retarded transsexual furry." Many people even think it's funny to label ShayeSaintJohn or classify ShayeSaintJohn. To be honest, you really shouldn't.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who influenced more modern thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, and Sigmund Freud, noted that, "the world is fundamentally what humans recognize in themselves as their will" (found in the text The World as Will and Representation).

You may ask, what in the world does that have to do with this stupid Creepypasta article?

Many of you may even outright deny the claim that ShayeSaintJohn warrants as a Creepypasta. I aim to prove you completely wrong with this syncopant acting out as representation of your Will.



One example of Shaye Saint John

The sad story is that You—as in You, personally - helped create this artifice of insanity. You personally helped found the concept of videos showcasing broken storylines that have existed long since YouTube started becoming popular. You even helped in the creation of Kristen!

Remember that we were all One at one point. I was You. You are Me. But if You are Me and I am You, then why are We Us?

The sad truth of Shaye Saint John is that We are ShayeSaintJohn. Therefore, what you reflect of ShayeSaintJohn is your reflection of your state of Madness. Should you embrace in the hilarity and the insanity, then you control the chaos. If you criticize and laugh at... I guess it is (or was) too late.

When you misplace your interpretation, you will notice that this is your consciousness. Now, your consciousness is speaking to you. Maybe it's even laughing at you when you think you control it and you laugh at things your consciousness tells you to laugh at.

Maybe you even think you are in control.



There was once a person named Eric Fournier who took up the many masks of Shaye Saint John. In fact, you could say it was Eric Fournier who was Shaye Saint John. The sad story is that acting as Shaye Saint John turned Eric Fournier into ShayeSaintJohn - that is, the being of total madness. Watch "HAND THING" to understand the state of obsession Eric grew with the Shaye Saint John persona.

As time passes, people learn to laugh with the video - should the assumed person never laughed at the video, they will embrace Shaye Saint John. An unfortunate embrace in any regard.

The truth is that Shaye Saint John is actually part ghost. Many of these videos may leave the impression that Shaye Saint John was never actually a being of total prosthetics. The individual, "Shaye St. John," was a transvestite actor (similar to Goddess Bunny) that was caught in a Hollywood hotel fire. Before the fire, many outspoken activists in the gay community at Hollywood spoke well of Shaye. Shaye even landed a role in a few big hit movies, believe it or not - as a female casting role.

Before s/he could get the surgery the following day, an actress by the name of Kristen d'Ollague (one of Shaye's best friends) told Shaye that there was a fire at the first floor of the hotel. They were trying to get out, but as they did, a Hollywood executive named Michael J. Broderick literally locked the two out of the hotel as it was burning. Eyewitness testimony by actor Rosario Dawson:

"I couldn't believe it. I watched Michael lock them out. I asked him why he did this, and with this really fiery glow, he told me to shut my mouth and never ask about it."

Some people say that Eric Fournier was the last person leaving the hotel along with future camera man, Camre Noiproks - they also state that Shaye Saint John was entirely non-fictional. The entirety of the ShayeSaintJohn account was a haunting reflection of the real Shaye St. John.

It doesn't just so happen to be a coincidence anymore that Shaye only has skin-tape for a face, a wig for hair, and prosthetic limbs as replacement. Her only friend is Kiki, or the "haunted" doll, Kristen. All of her other friends, like Paughty and Preena—always mentioned, but never seen.

Some say these videos are a chronicle of Shaye's life, as Shaye committed suicide by drowning his/herself in a bath tub.

I hear that the movie Shaye was working on before the horrific accident was called "Washroom." The film was stored away in the archives of Warner Brothers, but it seems there was a joking 'sequel' made to this by the Eric Fournier Shaye Saint John:

Shaye Saint John WASHROOM 2!01:47

Shaye Saint John WASHROOM 2!

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