Author's note: This a highly supported theory about the creepy back story of Giygas from Earthbound.

What is Giygas?

Many of you have probably played, or at least heard about the cult classic called "Earthbound". For those of you who have played, you may remember (SPOILER ALERT) the final boss fight against Giygas. He has been universally listed as one of the scariest/creepiest bosses ever. What if I told you his 3rd form is an outline of a fetus?

Giygas Back story


The 2nd Form of the boss Giygas

The creator of the game, Shigesato Itoi, once had a moment in his childhood that ruined it. When he was young, he accidentally walked into the wrong movie theater. He walked in on the movie, "The Japanese Policeman and The Dismembered Beauty."

He thought he was watching a rape. When he created "Earthbound", he supposedly designed Giygas' 3rd form as (mostly) an outline of a fetus. The scene may also support some of Giygas' dialogue throughout the fight, like, "It hurts," or, "I feel good."

He also pauses between most of his words, so you can process that too. That is the supposed backstory to Giygas. The whole game itself is also based off of Itoi's childhood. When he saw the supposed rape scene, he was no longer a child. He had matured. The story of Ness in Earthbound is him gaining power and friends. Once he encounters Giygas and defeats him, he matures. The whole game of Earthbound is one whole metaphor for growing up.