Leaving Yerevan... -Explored-

It was a sunny and a quiet day. My friends and I went to a friend's house to wait for her to be ready on the trip to the amusement park called "Funpark." She was ready. We drove to the Fourth Street to go to the nearest train station of the city. We found this old, rusty train station.

It was the nearest, so we couldn't refuse. We rode the train. My friends and I saw a man with rugged clothes. I'm trying not to be mean. We sat down. Only 6 of us were in that train, including the man. After a few minutes, I felt a cold, chilling feeling that dashed through my spine.

Mr Hyde

I saw something on the corner of my eye, it sprinted. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. The train stopped at one place. The man with the rugged clothes went out. I saw his raging eyes staring at me. I was terrified. We finally stopped at the amusement park. My friend Lee was jumping for excitement. As we entered, we saw lots of people. Some smashing moles, riding rides, popping balloons. I was still terrified.

We rode the roller coaster, it was fun. When we rode the ferris wheel, I saw the man. I thought I was hallucinating. After that, we went to the train station to get back home. Again, we saw the man staring at us. They were saying mean words to him. We stopped.

The train bashed into something. The man disappeared. We were shocked. We got out of the train and went to a nearest place to stay for a while. We found out that the owner of the station was the man we saw on the train. He was killed by one of the passengers.

Written by Imabee101
Content is available under CC BY-SA