She was beautiful, I loved every inch of her. Just the mere sight of her was a reward. I have never thought that a child could possess such immense adorableness. I've seen children of all kinds of ages, but none could be compared to hers. I felt so lucky that I could watch over her like I did the past seven years. Then came that day. Her mother's loss was indeed a tragedy, and I felt terrible. Maria was the closest one to resemble Alice, yet Maria was much more precious.

"Daddy! My tooth fell out!" Alice got exited and started jumping with glee.

"That's great honey, now you'll get a visit from the tooth fairy," replied the single father. Marshall knew he would have to forsake a dollar to satisfy his daughter's fantasy. "I bet she'll come and hide a surprise under your pillow tonight." Marshall adored his daughter but was very overprotective. So overprotective, that he built a door linking his room directly to hers. He could appear in her bedroom in matter of seconds.

Midnight approaches, and his beautiful daughter is fast asleep. Marshall, like any other caring father, was ready to plant the expected prize under her pillow. He advances to the door leading into her room, as soon as he grabs the door knob, he hears a hiss. "Is she awake?" he thinks to himself. He turns the door knob, the door wouldn't open, which was unusual. Very unusual. Before he could panic, he glared through the key hole. "Is there an obstacle?" Countless assumptions ran through his mind in seconds. He stares for a moment. His pupils dilate. "What is that...?" he whispers.

He stares at a giant figure. It was wearing a burnt gown with some red spots spattered across. The skin was white as paper, but nails yellow as the sun. The face, he thought, was the most horrid. It had no eyes, yet it was staring back at his daughter. Its mouth, opened wide, had a black substance gushing out. The entire image passes through his mind.

He stands up, and begins to repeatedly kick the door, resulting in the waking of his daughter. Oh my, how beautiful she was. She begins to scream. The scream was disturbing, eerie, and dreadful. Based on what he saw, he began shaking while attempting to tear the door down. As soon as the door was breached, he grabbed his unconscious daughter and asked, "What are you?" looking up at the terrifying monster.

I then reply, "Why, I am the tooth fairy."

Marshall ran off with his bewitching daughter. 

I've watched over her for years now. I loved her, and this is how I am repaid, having her scream at my face. I am going to take her life as I did to her mother's. No one wakes up when I'm present. I am the tooth fairy. Don't open your eyes. Not yet.