I was on a hill. How did I get there? I did not know.

There was a figure dancing around me. My vision became clearer. It was a man. He was blue. I thought to myself: this has to be a dream.

The man had dreadlocks tied up in a knot. He was dancing around me and he had a chillum in his hand. I knew who he was. Suddenly he stopped in front of me, looked at me with his intense glare, terrifying and petrifying.

His voice boomed, "You should not be here!"

And suddenly, the hue around him went from light blue to burning red. He stepped towards me, and everything shook. I tried to speak, but my thoughts were frozen, my voice a whimper. He reached towards me and thrust his hand into my chest, grabbing something. Pain, shock, and powerlessness took over me. He withdrew and in his hand was a beating organ, bloody and twitching. His forehead opened up, a light so bright I was lost.

I was floating, and all around me was complete darkness. That is when I saw it. The Universe, the Cosmos, the Death, the End, the Darkness to come. I felt myself fading. I was going to die here, this very day. This wasn't a dream; it was as real as you and me.

Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled into a vacuum, brilliant and warm. I was back on the hill. The man held my life in his palm. His forehead closed, and he smiled.

"Not yet," he said. I knew I was going to be okay. The warmth, the love took over, and I lost my train of thought.

I woke up to the warm sun on my face. I was on that hill. How did I get there? I couldn't remember. Where was I? I didn't know. But the one thing I couldn't forget was that I was going to be okay.