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It was late when I woke up. I had to hurry and get dressed, go downstairs, and eat breakfast. My name is Jimmy by the way, I packed my book bag and went to my bus stop. Today seemed like a pretty foggy day so I had to be careful when walking across the road to get to my bus stop. As I was waiting at my stop, and I looked over and I saw a man standing next to a stop sign. It seemed like he was looking at me. I couldn't really make out his face because of the fog, but I could tell he was wearing a striped hoodie with blue and green. Then suddenly the bus drove up. Then I got in the bus, and I rushed to my seat to look at the stop sign where the man was, and he was gone.

After school was over I went home, walked in and saw my mom, and she told me she got me a new computer. I was very excited because I've always wanted a computer, so I ran upstairs to my room and I went onto my computer, and my mom already set it up for me. I logged on and went to the Internet Explorer, and suddenly it shut off. I tried to turn it back on, but it just wouldn't work. I then looked in the back and saw that it was unplugged. I plugged the computer back in and booted it up. A blue screen appeared like as if it crashed, but it didn't and there were no words. Suddenly the word EVIL was typed on the blue screen and then it was shut down again. In the glare of the computer screen I saw a shadow that looked like the man at the stop sign. I looked back really fast and there was no one there.

The next day was Saturday which meant no school. I wanted to play on my new computer all day, and do nothing else. I started the computer up and got on. When it started I heard these scratching noises on the back of the monitor and was starting to hurt my ears. I looked back at the monitor and the noises stopped. I turned around and grabbed my chair and turned back around and saw a dark woman in the monitor screen staring at me. I suddenly freaked out but it was like as if I stared into his eyes I started to feel so weak. My muscles were lumping and my voice was fading, I tried to yell to my mom but it was like my voice was gone. The woman was just staring with such a blank face.

I fell out of my chair gasping for air and I guess my mom heard the big thump, and ran upstairs. she opened the door and the man disappeared from the screen. Later that night I was laying in bed and I woke up and I was sitting in front of the computer and I heard an old woman whisper, "Jimmy, do you want to play a game?"

I said no but she insisted, and a game popped up on the screen and I clicked play. I have never seen this game before though, and when I clicked play the screen popped up pictures of little girls and baby's head unattached from their bodies. After every picture a name popped up like Bobby Wright 1999-2013, Samantha George 2012-2013, Jackson Taylor 1999-2013. Then woman took me to a concrete surrounded room with blood smeared everywhere, and all those little kids were in that room too. On the wall was written you will stay here until death.

My name is Mark Degner, and this is my story.