Electric Chair

Oh, the calm thought
The joy of a journey hide, and thrill of the seek
Behind the banner, Henry VIII, dare I look not
I dare not peek

Behind which lie slabs of mold
Bricks of old
Far from gold
It and mind full of dust
‘Tis the pirates’ loot, bay the docks, must!

My feet of dirt
Absent, they go of note
The wall under the banner, they do so blend
Alas, my feet you must mend
For another's, plus mine, did they so skirt
The sores, the scabs, the scrapes, oh the hurt!

Mommy, kiss boo-boo goodbye!
Mommy possess the power not of this
For Daddy hath made it go awry
And Mommy hath sank into abyss

Years later, no more
His life must end, as should have before!
From the corpse, his soul must desert
Straight from Hell, this hypocritical pervert!

To me, he hath had touched
Mother, he hath broke
Insults, he does my beloved folk
Distorts, he does, and upon much!

To I, feeds he gluttony
His wife to me hath struck
Denies harmony
Leaves my mind not of me
Yet I to later to feel as muck

For years, I endure
But never a cure
Alas, it all ends tonight
A flick of the wrist, ever so slight

The deed is so done
But I feel I must mutilate
So I think I shall participate
Yet to do so ‘fore the Wrath of the Morning Sun

The blood on my skin
I have claimed the win!
Kill, I must kill again
But first, to bring it to soot
All for no kiss on the foot
I must kill again!
For the feel of the blood on my skin!

Why, do they all so scream?
Why not, do they so beam?
Why suicide from an indoor bang?
Though I never deny, a good hang

Times of evil
Times of good
Some deem mad
But I deem true
Praise the Goat of this dark red hue!
Though, never have I truly understood

Presently residing in a place of lone
Truly a saint!
Disable the phone!
Not of taint!

Deem me mad
You should be glad
Not of more pain
We all die the same

Abandon all fear!
Do not shed a tear!
Why, how is my act a sin?

Sunrise of grey
See I in the paper
Police on the way
Escape is all, all so before the tazer!

Oh, the chase!
Oh why, oh why have I so chosen these ways?
Simply to put, only I wish to help!
Known, I should have known by their yelps!

Horrendous to the good
Delicacies to the bad!
As a child, this was all I had
My hands upon the cold hood

Must stand, I before court!
Laws against, quite at hand
Rise of all sorts!
Quickly, you must stand!

Before a judge
Barely, can I so budge
My death be the penalty
Be I, so unstable mentally?

Called upon the chair
To sit down, to do so, I must dare
Minutes go by in this stiffled air
Hair... by hair... by hair…

Flip the switch!
My whole body atwitch!
My mind, to be ever so slowly fried!
Spirits, do I, I do so see, all been so tried

Over at last, I do so sigh relief
It having had turned off
I must have been found to false innocence!
At the last minute!

Slowly, open do so my eyes…
Yet to my great demise…
The ghosts, they do not hide…
Forever, to be lost in such a great weep…
Soon, are they so to be joined by me…
Forever, to be trapped in this room…
With not but my sad, lonely tears of guilt…

Written by Brokenkenya
Content is available under CC BY-SA