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It all started on one cold dark day. I was walking from a store to my home when my cell phone rang. I looked at my phone and it was my friend calling me (Not knowing why) so I answered and I and he kept talking until the connection on my phone went out. I didn’t get it because there were no clouds blocking the way of connection. I saw a big truck tipped over on the side of the road. There were no stop signs, traffic lights, or fences anywhere. After all these days me walking to the store and my home I never ever seen this road before.

So I kept walking, and walking until this strange ringing sound was coming from the woods right beside the street. I knew it wasn't my ears because I covered up my ears with my hands and heard nothing, then uncovered my hands and hear it.

So, I stupidly went wherever the sound went. I stepped in the woods and saw this big huge tall thing, with glowing yellow eyes with some type of horns and no arms. It was walking fast at me as I ran, and ran until the noise stopped and I didn’t see that thing anymore. It's been 1 year now 2012 and just had to share it with you.

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