"You've heard of the fear of darkness, but have you ever heard of the fear of light?"

Every day.

Every day I would go outside at an early time and watch the sunrise. I always used to be a fearful child, afraid of the darkness and whatnot, just like a normal child. Every child used to be afraid of the darkness, and so was I. But really, we have no reason to...

It all started on one day, a Friday, it was 4 A.M. and I had gotten up to get away from the darkness of my home and watch the sun go to work. Again, every day I used to go and watch the sunrise, but this time, it was different. It was the beginning of summer, and the sun was supposed to be hot. As I watched it, it started to make me sweat. There was something... peculiar, about it. A small, fog-like line covered the sun's middle. It didn't seem like much, so I quickly dismissed it and marveled in the sun's godly beauty. How resplendent it looked-- the thing that brought us light and heat every day. If we were ever without it, we would surely die of the cold, so the sun must be a good thing, right? Wrong.


Shortly after the sun's arrival, I noticed the small fog-line had formed a ring around the sun. It even started to look like an eye. In the midst of this, I began to wonder why my eyes still haven't began to hurt, or even blink at the sun's presence. I couldn't move.

I was stuck, looking at the sun, I was trying to look away, but I couldn't. My eyes were fixed on the sun. My entire body was paralyzed. I couldn't even move my mouth. I sat there, looking at the sun, staring at it's blinding presence and not missing an inch of the light emitting from it. The sun and the fog had perfectly formed and eye. But the sun started getting smaller, as if the pupil of the "Eye" was going away. As the sun started shrinking, I started to lose my eyesight, little by little including each painful detail. It was over.

The last thing I saw was the sun completely shrink into nothing, and as it disappeared, my eyesight began to dissolve until all I could see was white. A white fog which wouldn't go away, would not even be replaced by the morning grass.

I was blind. No more seeing. I couldn't see anything anymore. Just that white, foggy image...


I woke up in a hospital, which my mom brought me to after seeing me sitting on the yard like and idiot looking at the sun. I had a seizure, and sure enough, went blind. After that fateful day, all I saw was that foggy, white horror.