I've found a teddy. Not just any old teddy, though; a Hello Kitty talk-back one, a one that you get for twenty pounds dirt cheap. Although, something's odd about it. Very strange, and if I must admit, it creeps me out very much. It's that smile. Now, you must be thinking, "But Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth!" But this is different. It's hand-stitched in raven-black thread. A running stitch, I think.

I've shown no-one, and I found it when I was hunting through the dusty old attic, searching for some long-forgotten party dress. It still has batteries. I pressed the red hand button on its paw. She's wearing her usual attire, red dress, buttons, with a large red plushie bow.

When I found her, I was about nine or ten. I am twenty-seven now. I'm recording the events of my tale in this scruffy notebook with a ball-point pen. I'm in a differing country. Why, you ask? You'll soon see, you'll soon see.

The Pasta

I flew to my room, wanting to try my new best-friend out. I said "hi" and she repeated me. I felt as if I could fly over the moon, I was so happy. I knew she was perfect the moment I saw her. It was just the smile..

Only once I showed my mother. She said, a little too loudly to me, "Oh, what a nice new toy you've found there, Zo."

But when she thought I was distracted, she hissed quickly and sharply to my father,

"I don't like the look of it. What's with the smile? It's morbid."

But I heard.

I slept with the Hello Kitty that very night. As soon as I was about to drift to sleep, I heard,

"Your parents don't like me, Zo."

"I like you, Hello Kitty." I cuddled it nicely and its smile grew wider than before. "Now that you can talk, you're really the best!"

"Thank-you, Zo. That's nice of you. I feel better now - ready for a meal." Its eyes were just slits, it was peculiar.

"Wait a second..." it crawled out of the bed, in its hands a large carving knife. I noted the scream, that high, bloodcurdling scream of my mother's, and cupped a hand over my mouth. It was unbearable; I loved my mother. All of those times spent together... Gone. But I kept a straight face. That monster's mouth was covered in scarlet, fresh liquid when it entered my room.

"That was nice. I am full. I feel sleepy now." it curled up like a cat and gave soft purrs.

When I entered my nightmares, I saw that it had one claw up. One claw equals one death.