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Note: This is a sequel to The Stepmother

The guardian angel.

She looked down at what she had done. The body of her stepdaughter lied on the bed, bleeding from the gaping wound in her chest. This didn't bother the woman. She continued to laugh hysterically, her cackle ringing throughout the house. The girl's father walked in the room. He rushed towards his daughter. He soon put together the pieces of this horrid puzzle and asked what drove his wife to such actions.

"Well," she replied ominously, "I can't believe you didn't see this coming. You think I'd deal with that little BRAT? For YOU? Please. I never loved you. Hehe.."

And with that, she shot him. As his dying breaths escaped his lips she kissed him, giving him a twisted goodbye. She spun around to see a hooded figure. In her memory, she recalled Molly mentioning someone who looked a lot like this. The figure soon began to speak in a distorted voice.

"She's dead now. Her and the father. Just as I wanted."

"W-What?" The woman stammered, terrified.

"I was never strong enough to outright kill the girl. I may be a spirit, but I need the souls of the freshly departed to become stronger."

This entire time, the woman thought of this spectre to be a figment of Molly's imagination. This notion was proven wrong, as the hooded figure stood before her.

"What happens when you become strong enough?"

"I rule this world and everyone in it. Except you, my dear."

"Why not me?"

"I need you. There are plenty of lonely men who need a woman like you in their lives. Some of these men have young sons or daughters. Your presence will cause them to have nightmares; to fear you. Their parents won't do anything to console them. Who will they turn to? Me, of course. I'll place my amulet nearby and they'll pick it right up. Kill these children and you will be at my right hand when I take over."

"How do you know all of this will work?"

"There's nothing better than the guise of a guardian angel to lure a child."

"Alright. Let's do it."

The woman removed the amulet from the dead girl's neck. With a gleaming insanity in her eyes, she left the house in search of another naïve father and child.

Written by Dubiousdugong

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