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I was driving home in the twilight fog. I had just left work, and I was on my way home. To my right, there was a dense wood, and no light was visible from beyond it - except an eerie blue light coming from the darkest area of the forest. Parallel from my position on the road, there was a sign. It read "WRONG WAY", and I thought, "Who in their right mind would want to go there!" My turn would be coming up soon, and I lost track of where I was. I was lost.

I decided I could stop at the nearest building and ask for directions to Exit 29. I came up to a seemingly abandoned cabin - with a blue light. I told myself that it was just the light from before, so I shouldn't be too lost.

I walked up the steps and knocked on the front door. The door looked somewhat molded and tarnished, but I ignored it, seeing as this was in the middle of nowhere, and I expected no better conditions. When no one answered, I knocked once more, thinking that they didn't hear the knock.

Immediately after that, there was a faint rustle behind the door. Then, a small crack appeared in the area between the door and its frame. I assumed they wanted me to let myself in, so foolishly, I followed.

As soon as I entered, a rotten smell filled my nose. It smelled like something rotten was left in there to die. It was unbearable, but I forced myself further. I searched the cabinets for anything to help me locate where I was at. While I was searching, I heard a faint giggle. It sounded like a child, no older than 5. It was hard to identify the gender of the child, but I concluded it to be a boy.

I turned slowly, so as to not frighten him, and asked who was there. As soon as I finished these words, I felt a sharp pain at my left side. Like the cramp that you get when you run for too long. I thought it to be odd, because I had walked the entire time. I heard the laughter again, but this time it was deeper, and louder.

I decided to look for the location of the laughter, because it came and went, becoming louder and louder each time.

"Hello?" I said. "Is anyone here?" I had to shift my weight to my right side as I moved, because each step I took the pain worsened.

I came up to a door that was cracked slightly, just like the front door, and the laughter was more like screaming now. I had to cover my ears to keep them from bleeding. I reluctantly opened the door.

Inside, a sign read, "TURN AROUND".

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