My name is Daniel. I'm a relatively quiet, 14 year old boy. I've been seeing strange things in my peripheral vision, and I've also been hearing some... well, "replies", to some sounds. This has been going on for about a week. One of my strangest encounters was about a 2 days ago...

I started to hum one of my favorite nursery rhymes, I never learned the real name of the song, but I think most people call it "Pop goes the weasel", well, I guess it would be called "singing".

"All around the mullbury bush."

Then I heard a faint voice;

"The monkey chased the weasel."

For a moment I was startled, then I decided it was nothing, and went on with the third part of the song;

"The monkey thought it t'was all in fun."

I waited, hoping to hear the voice again, when I thought I wouldn't, I heard a sickening "POP", along with the breaking of bones, and the tearing of flesh... Then I heard it...

"Pop... goes... the... weasel..."

I Let it go for about a day then, I told my mother about the faint, dreadful voice in the back of my head, and we went to go check it out, and as we suspenseful turned the corner, I started to see the red glare of blood, stream out of the corner of my house. Mother Rushed out to see what had happened, and she nearly fainted from the horrid sight of a dead weasel's bloody head.

The next day I talked with good friend, Jim about it, a sickly look overcame his face, as he slowly walked away... I left him alone for a period or two of school then I spoke up.

"Hey man, whats up?"

He replied, "The weasel thing, it happened to me a few days ago..."

He further went on to explain how he how found a bloody, broken, and destroyed remains of weasel, he couldn't find out what it was at first, then he saw a snapped leg, and realized, it was a dismembered, lower body of a weasel.  We talked about the carnage we saw until the end of the school long day.

I woke up the next day think nothing more of of it, then I heard the angry blaring of bright police siren, so I woke up in an instant to go check on my friend, he was murdered in cold blood, and Frightened me even more, was the crimson red blood that spells out the words, "The short end falls first... The longer end then follows. The short end falls first... the longer end then follows.

I am writing this to tell my story. I feel like i am slowly going insane. It's coming for me. I... I don't know what, "it", is, but it's coming. I have a gun to my head as I am typing this. Goodbye. Share my story with everyone you can. Goodbye.