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Outside of a certain small town in the Midwestern region of the US, there is an abandoned shop. What most people don't know is that that shop is still open for business to people, but not for its intended purpose.

This shop is used as a gateway to get your revenge on someone who has wronged you. Here is what you do:

At 12:12 AM on any night, find the shop. The doors should be boarded up, so bring something to break them down with. Once the doors are broken and you can enter, close your eyes and enter the shop. Keep your eyes closed until the shopkeeper says something, or he will see you as hostile and quickly kill you.

When the shopkeeper says "Where?" state your city, state, and address. When the shopkeeper says "Who?" tell him your full name. If he says "Who?" again tell him the name of the person you want vengeance to be placed on.

When the shopkeeper says, "We are now open for business," open your eyes. At the desk, you will see an old man behind a cash register. You will find that you will be unable to move for a few seconds. When these few seconds are up and you have control of your movements, it means that you are considered "clean" enough to wander the shop at will. Turn around, and what you will see may disgust you.

Along the walls, on shelves, there is every single human body part known to man. From hearts to arms and legs, every part is available. You may choose three parts. Take any three. Bring them all to the cash register. The shopkeeper will ask, "Are you finished?"

Say yes and the person you named in the beginning will lose all function of those parts. However, you will too, so if you kill yourself, you will at least know that the person that you targeted is dead as well. Save for the fact that it doesn't work at times.

The way you know it worked is if you feel yourself immediately lose control of those parts you selected. If not, run as quickly as you can out of there, get home, and go to sleep within the next half-hour or so, or your body will not be found the next morning. If it doesn't work, you will never be able to try again.

The Shop02:23

The Shop

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Written by OMGitsGhastly 
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