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Author's note: This isn't a Creepypasta you would think this to be. This is "The Shapeshifter", a story about how my own eyes played tricks on me, and how I figured out that in a nightmare, it can "come to life" in your mind and leave a scar on your life story. This is the story of how I may or may not have met and confronted a being that not only could take form of something else, but was able to get into my dreams and my nightmares.

These dreams, nightmares, and even sightings were all figments of my imagination and while I did see them, they did not do anything scary and were not there in real life.

I imagine it was a nightmare that entered my sights in the real world because I thought they were real, instead of them actually being real. This is about how this "Shapeshifter" went from my nightmares to my world, and terrified me until I broke its will to attack me.

One day, I was playing around in the family room of my house on the green and yellow rug, when I lost my breath. Not because I saw something scary like "Jeff the killer" who has an amazing story that terrified me when I read it, but I had hit my breathing point on the table so I fell over on the rug, not able to breathe for a little while.

I saw my grandmother's dog, a toy poodle, glaring at me, but no teeth bared. It was normal, except that she had extremely dark gray fur, and the toy poodle I know has a light brown fur coat. The next few days continued these sightings and dreams.

In my dream, I saw this dog. This dog was in a well forested area on a sunny day, with plenty of plants and lots of grass. The dog ran up to me and I stood there as if I was in shock, unable to move or speak. Then it lunged at me, and I stood there, and then I woke up.

It was 5:00 A.M. on a weekend, meaning lots of spare time to be horrified by my last nightmare. We went to my grandmother's, my mother needing to work. I'm sure some of you who read this far know how it feels to wake up at 5:00 A.M. on a weekend, because your mother needed to go to work. When we got into the front yard, I looked to the shadows. I saw the dog again, walking towards me and watching me, looking angry and violent. I stood in the light by the door, and shivered even when we got in the warmth of my grandmother's house, for I feared the dog and its plans.

I realized this probably was something that had found me, not a spirit, but not a living being. I called it a shapeshifter figment. After all, I was just seeing things. I found that it wanted me to fear it, that it fed off my fear. I had enough of this creature, and I awaited my slumber.

When I went to sleep, I saw the dog again. This was it, the confrontation, the final piece of the puzzle. The dog lunged for me, but when it got close my shock ended.

I had broken my fear for this dog that had walked in to my home, scared me, fed off my fear, and attacked me in my dreams. It had to end, and this is how it did.

My foot flew out uncontrollably, and I kicked the dog. It flew back. The reason I called it the "Shapeshifter" figment is explained now. It turned to female human form and said that it gave up on trying to scare. It walked away from my dream and I woke up. I never saw the dog again.

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