I've never really believed in paranormal crap. But ever since this news article, I've been experiencing weird visions of this lady, Shade.

February 12, 1996, Tribal News

After many recent disappearances of young children, a victim has emerged, claiming she had escaped one of this murderer's attacks, supposedly named Shade.

"It was dark, and I was supposed to be asleep," 10-year-old Bridget said. "I suddenly felt a strange feeling, and I started moving uncontrollably out of my room, and to the door. I screamed, but I felt as if a hand was covering my mouth. I couldn't move, or scream, or anything. I could just hope I would be ok.

The door swung open, revealing a shadow of a woman. She popped out of the ground, and formed into a horrifying shape. Her eyes were hollow and bleeding. Her nose slammed into her head. Wiry hair swept in the cold wind. I tried to run, but her long, needle-like fingers dug into my neck, nearly killing me. She smiled as I screamed, her bloody lips curling.

She lifted a wire crown from her head, and placed it on mine. The wire dug into my head, and blood streamed down. I cried, and she leaned in, whispering 'revenge' into my ear. A black knife soared toward m heart, but stopped short. My dad stood in the doorway, staring at me. She disappeared. Everything did. Except my wounds. I collapsed into a pool of blood."

There have been no other survivors as of now. If you have had similar experiences, contact the local police as soon as possible.

1 a.m, March 12, 1996

I'm leaving this note for my friends and family. I'm committing suicide. I can't sleep with her in my head. This woman, Shade, she appears to me every night, laughing and torturing me. Knifes, rope, crowns of wire. It's to much. Whenever I blink, her face is there. Goodbye.


(P.S. I've left a knife, lodged in my shoulder after a dream, below. Make sure it's handled carefully, destroyed, given to the police, whatever. Just don't ever keep it. It won't leave you alone. I throw it away, and it's stuck in my shoulder in the same spot, every morning.)

Detective's Note:

It seems though the victim was about to attempt suicide when someone, or something, murdered her. This being a suicide would be impossible. She never could have managed to get herself in the middle of her back like that. No fingerprints, shoemarks, or anything are at the crime scene, but the victim has a happy look on her face. One hand is stuck to her barbed wire crown, the other, carrying a bouquet of black roses.